Fun with Dolphins

Brand: Best Flexible Molds
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Product Features

  • Fun With Dolphins polymer clay mold has eleven openings. Along with the dolphins, fish, and sea horses there is also a splash and tiny bi-valve sea shell.
  • Free Polymer Clay Project Instructions Included with the mold showing how to prepare a purchased frame using hot glue and paint, mold the parts needed and lay out the baked parts on the frame. This charming mold was inspired by the beauty and lovability of these wonderful, intelligent sea creatures and can be used in jewelry, or decoration for boxes, picture frames, refrigerator magnets, scrapbooks, and other applications. All of the parts in the mold are from original sculpts by Penni Jo.
  • This flexible push mold contains three dolphins in two different sizes, four fish, two sea horses a tiny shell and a splash for use with polymer clay, metal clay and other mold-able materials. The small dolphins, two types of fish and the sea horses are mirror images to each other. When molded and placed back to back they form a two sided charm. Details can be accented after baking to bring out the details. Also included are measuring instructions as we have measured the clay for you.
  • Blue
  • 4 x 3.25 x .45"