Quick Change Tool Post Set, AXA

Brand: All Industrial
Item size:

Product Features

  • Fully interchangeable with Aloris, Dorian, Phase II, Yuasa, and most other manufacturer components (AXA or 100 Series only)
  • Precision-engineered to assure repetitive accuracy. Quickly and easily installed on an engine, bench, or turret lathe for a wide range of operations
  • Includes axa tool post with rigid wedge design, easily centered; axa #1 turning & facing holder with 3/16-1/2" capacity; axa #2 turning, facing & boring holder with 3/16-1/2" capacity and groove for round tools; axa #4 boring bar holder holds 5/8" tool; axa #7 universal parting blade holder for use with 1/2" or smaller blades havind parallel top & bottom; axa #10 knurling, turning & facing holder with two knurls
  • For use on lathes with up to 12" swing (defined as the diameter that can be turned over the bed)
  • Our part # ALL-47126