UCLEAR Digital Pro Microphone Helmet Speaker Set for UCLEAR Digital Bluetooth Helmet Audio Systems

Brand: UCLEAR Digital
Item size: Height: 100; Length: 650; Width: 300;

Product Features

  • Compatible with UCLEAR Digital HBC100 Plus, HBC150, HBC200, and AMP Series control units (not HBC100 and Vybe).
  • Ultra high-fidelity speakers paired with a powerful driver deliver crystal clear audio and powerful bass without loss of sound quality.
  • The innovative design of the Pro Mic headsets separates the speakers from the dual in-line microphones, allowing for optimal voice clarity whether the microphones are placed in the brow or chin-bar area of the helmet.
  • Designed to work in almost any helmet style, the Pro Mic installs seamless in half, 3/4, modular, and full face helmets, and sound quality will never be reduced due to the inner foam shell, padding, or liners.
  • The Pro Mic speaker and microphone system has been engineered to provide the absolute best audio clarity available for music, phone calls, and intercom.