10-Step Korean Skincare Routine + Giveaway!

Hey guys! it's Ilana and I am obsessed with skincare growing up I had acne huge pores oily skin and now that I'm getting older I've got some fine lines by my eyes.

After doing some research online I heard about the 10 step Korean skincare routine now it's no secret that Korean women love taking care of our skin and they look.

Young for their age.

I've assembled my own ten step routine and they can't wait to share it with you.

10-Step Korean Skincare Routine + Giveaway!

Let's get started the first step is an oil-based cleanser to help remove all the makeup and impurities I'm using the clean at zero purity by vanilla Co it's free of parabens which is great for my sensitive skin the second step is a water-based cleanser.

We're actually double cleansing for this routine I'm using the real fresh foam green tea cleanser by neo gender mala G if you take a look at the bottom there's actually green tea leaves that's pretty cool the third step is an exfoliator I'm using the deep clean a poor Glacial clay by goodall now exfoliator --zz help remove dead skin cells.

Your skin is super smooth the fourth step is a toner and I'm using the organic cotton treatment toning pad by real elemental practice toners are used to help balance pH levels in your skin and hydrate it the fifth step is essence and I'm using at the time revolution first treatment essence intensive by Misha. This is actually a dupe for the SK 2 essence which is crazy expensive and essences are used to help with skin repair the sixth step is a serum and I'm using the time revolution Night Repair Science activator Bora bit ampoule by misha now a serum is used to target specific skincare issues such as wrinkles acne pigmentation and a whole bunch of other things the seventh step is a sheet mask and these can be used up to twice a week I'm using the it radiant lace hydrogel mask sheet in the calming flavor by vanilla Co the eighth step is eye cream and I'm using the gum sylvite eliza eye cream by misha and. This is used to help target fine lines and dark circles the ninth step is a moisturizer which is used to help hydrate and protect the skin I'm using the aloe propolis soothing gel by Benton which is perfect for my oily skin and the tenth step is actually two products depending on day or night usage in the day I'm going to be using Sun protectant which is the B or a UV aqua rich watery essence and SPF 50 plus at night time I'm going to be using the Laneige water sleeping mask and this can be worn overnight I wash it off in the morning and it just helps to seal in all those products I put on before hand these are my products from my 10 step Korean skincare routine and please keep in mind that these products were specifically chosen for my oily and acne prone skin.

These products might work differently for you if you have a different skin type I'm gonna be using these products day and night for an entire month straight and I'll be checking in with you guys to talk about my results.

Thanks for watching bye you.

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