1964 Plymouth Valiant electronic ignition conversion

Hey guys! welcome back to today's grind 1964 Plymouth Valiant we are going to install electronic ignition on it this car do not come with electronic ignition.

I will show you how to add the electronic ignition module the ECU to this vehicle. This is the wiring diagram that I will refer to when wiring the ECU into this vehicle you can buy the harness from Chrysler and you get them online I believe the harness part number is DCC - 3 6 9 0 1 5 2 there are a few companies out there that make a whole kit it comes with the harness ECU an electronic distributor IR I have the distributor of the coil and the cars already already has a ballast resistor.

I got the harness the ECU was the old one that was on the engine I replaced.

Will mount the ECU and then will run the wires ECU has two option there's a 5 5 wire setup in a four wire setup we're just going to run a four wire setup.

1964 Plymouth Valiant electronic ignition conversion

Basically in the harness you have the pigtail for the connection to the distributor the electronic distributor you have a green with red tracer wire that will be not used you have the black with yellow tracer which goes to the negative coil then you have the light blue with yellow tracer that goes to the ballast resistor it goes to the side that has the Keyon power.

You can use a test light unplug the connections turn the key on and whichever one you know has power on the keys on that's where you splice that into the other side of the ballast resistor if you already have one this wire to the positive side of the coil is probably already present in your original harness and if you don't have a ballast resistor or you don't have this wire basically at the other side you will run a wire from it to the positive side of the coil and then the yellow wire on the starter relay it gets power and keys and start that will go to the other side this blue wire here should be original in your vehicle typical it's blue wire to main ignition feed for the engine for the engine harness to power the key on position.

I'll go ahead and show you how I mounted the ECU and ran the wires it's a pretty simple install. Okay, you can see the mounting holes and where I ground the paint off to bare metal for the ECU I mounted you can mount it wherever some of these have factory locations but with my wiring harnesses stuff this was the best spot for it I felt and also in the back of the ECU I ground those bare metal.

I'll go ahead and mount this and we'll have a good ground. Okay, you can see I mounted the ECU I ran the wiring harness up and over with the factory. This is where I spliced in to the Keyon power the light blue and yellow and then this harness here is got the connector for the distributor then also the black and yellow that goes to the negative side of the coil and then this wire was an existing wire which comes off the other side of the ballast resistor and. This is a positive side for the coil.

In the instructions it tells you you have to add this but Benari have ballast resistor this wire is naturally already here.

I just reuse that wire.

We'll go ahead hit the key there you go electronic ignition.

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