1st HAUL VIDEO! // First Impressions? // IBuyBeauti, TARGET, ect.

Hey guys! I'm a big as they're doing well.

Today I'm gonna be doing a haul video for you guys these are just a little bit of stuff that I collected and bought a couple months um I haven't been doing very much shopping lately but I try to a little bit here and there.

Yeah I hope you guys enjoy this will be my first haul video.

I hope you guys like it please do let me know what I could do to make my videos better and give me suggestions of what kind of videos I should do.

1st HAUL VIDEO! // First Impressions? // IBuyBeauti, TARGET, ect.

Let's go ahead and just get started lately I've been watching a lot of Korean makeup and Korean style trends and stuff on YouTube and I've been really into it lately and.

I decided to go ahead and purchase some on my own.

The site that I used was I by Beauty comp i'll post their link down below I originally decided to go ahead and get some Korean products because my skin hasn't been feeling too good I was noticing that my skin was very dull and it was just very clean and just not bright and healthy looking.

I got to a low ultra hydrating actions mask here and these were just um I think samples that I got free gifts.

That's just what they look like.

The first product I'm just gonna go right into is. This is the attitude I think that's how your browser the etude house wonder pore freshener and that's what it looks like and the reason why I bought this one was because I have a lot of pores especially around my t-zone and I've been trying for the longest time how to you know minimize them and get rid of them and I needed a toner anyways because I toner what it's supposed to do is just balance your page level or just help remove any extra dirt that you didn't cash when you are cleansing your face and Allah stuff.

I got this one because it's four cores I think like their pictures and stuff it's just.

Cute but yeah it's just supposed to help clean the inside and outside of the pores and it has like a peppermint extract.

It feels really nice here that one during my sweater is from forever one and i bought this like a long time ago i got it like two three winter ago.

I don't know if they still have it i doubt it because ferritin want always changes their clothes all the time. Okay.

On to the next product.

This product is the app you I think that's how you pronounce it aurora luminous CC cream and i've heard a lot about CC creams and BB creams and all that stuff i've only tried very few BB creams but i've never tried to CC cream before but.

I picked this one up I don't remember why I picked this one up exactly because it took a long time for me to receive his product it took almost like four weeks or.

And it was just incredibly long which is fine but I don't know who I picked up this one but this slip Aslam looks like um yeah it's just like a silver lit up here and it's just black here and it has like some little purple flowers and little details it's super cute I try this on my skin today actually I'm wearing it today along with like other stuff but.

Yeah you pop off this part and then the CC cream is like in here and it has like a little pump here.

You kind of just like press it you press on it and it just dispense products as you guys can see and like the product looks really pearly.

At first I was confused if this was supposed to be a foundation or what but. This is what it looks like.

Yeah it just looks like that it gave my skin a really nice brightening effect but it has really really sheer coverage it's almost like it has like little beads of pigments in there or something and once you start rubbing in and it starts to break and then they turn into a tinted foundation. This is in the shade and be 0 1 and then this top part up here actually.

You put this back on.

This top part is actually like a concealer type like a little compact concealer and it has like a little tiny mirror right here.

It just looks like that and it's quite nice coverage too I actually like this concealer a lot because um yes that's just it looks like um it's quite decent coverage I use this to cover my under eye circles actually and it did a really really good job it cover like I want to say eighty percent of my under eye circles I don't have to play around with it i don't know if i would buy it again just for first impressions.

The next thing I picked up with this air fit cushion all you guys have heard about these these are just like those cushions that has been really popular it has SPF 15 and I got in the shade number 23 so. This is what it looks like when you open it and then there's just like the little sponge and then like. This is what it looks like here I bought this because I thought it would be a really great product for like on the go and the packaging is quite nice it's just white and it has I kind like this reflective top like it just reminds me of older women products but that's clean with a school my back is like really sore oh I also got this this goes along with the toners i bought. This is the same brand etude house one report that. This is the tightening essence and so. This is like a serum that is supposed to obviously help with tightening your pores and just help hydrate your skin and all that stuff it claims to do a lot of things like Tet it's supposed to be like a 10 in one pore solution thing so. This is just what it looks like it feels quite nice on the skin as well this looks like that you just it's not sticky which I like it's really hydrating it feels really hydrating really smooth and really cool feeling it doesn't have like a bad sent either it just has kind like us skin care products sent to me yeah.

Hopefully like with this one and this one maybe they'll help out with my pores and then um I also got this now I. This is the end this free mineral makeup base and I'll show you guys but it looks like I tried this on today and I really like it so. This is what it looks like it's pretty much like a lavender lilac base primer you can use under your makeup obviously or you can even use it alone but it's pretty cool I was wanting to try like a lavender or purple tinted primer for a long time because it's supposed to like especially if you have really yellow undertone skin where you have really yellow skin dull skin like me and then if you use a purple or lavender primer it will kind of counteract and help to bounce it and brighten your skin same thing as if you have like redness you use like green concealers or green primers or whatever to balance the redness and get rid of the redness it's the same thing with purple and yellow so. This is what it looks like and the only thing I guess I wouldn't like about it is that it's kind of thick it's not really like it's not really moisturizing it's kind of rough in a way to blend it out but it's not bad at all.

Yeah definitely all my I don't know if you can tell on my hands but on my skin it definitely made my skin look a lot brighter and more glowy it's not really a shimmery primer it's not like shimmery or like super lumen like luminous either it's just like to help and actually brighten your skin but it didn't have a mattifying effect.

Which is fine but and then once it dries it's a tiny bit tacky but it's not a big deal like but I do like it a lot I think with this it made me use less foundation or less covered on my face is because my skin was able to naturally Brighton itself up with this.

Which was what i was looking for once has SPF 30 which is not bad because i don't wear my skirt sunscreen on my face because i always forget tues I guess it's good to have like SPF in products but of course if you're going to like take flash photography then you might not want wear anything that has SPF in it unless I mean I don't know if it I'm pretty sure with it would still be accountable if you use it like in a moisturizer or primer pretty sure but yeah I really like this law.

This just little it's like one last look you're gonna focus.

Yeah else I've got. This is the etude house moistfull collagen eye cream and I think I got this because yeah I don't have a very good eye cream oh I don't think. This is considered like an anti-aging but I did decide to get this anyways because you know I do wear makeup a lot I'm actually quite rough with my eyes which is not very good but it's just like a bad habit because I do wear contacts and of course I wear makeup and.

I just like rub my eyes a lot and it's really bad and.

I thought that because of all that maybe it will help to moisturize it and keep it plump and just to keep it from dry and prevent me from creating myself wrinkles when I get old so. This is what it looks like and it comes with like a little scooper which I use but then I guess it's just me that's using this it really doesn't matter for a I cream I felt like it was quite thick computer like the Western ones that I've tried.

Yeah. This is what it looks like inside and yeah it feels super nice.

Like the direction says you can put it all over your face how to focus that mostly on the center of my face and I kept it mostly around my eyes.

That just really looks like it's not like it's kind of like a pace and once you ended in its just oh my gosh it feels.

Nice on the skin and it feels kind of wet almost like water but it's not obviously it's super hydrating really cool and obviously once it dries it doesn't your eyes sticky or anything.

It just feels really nice like wow my hand feels really hydrated most of the time I don't want to jinx myself but most of the time I can I can test out products on my own and nothing usually happens to my skin my skin is not very sensitive.

I can usually try a lot of things I also got this that I got this because I wanted to brighten on my skin I do have a lot of broken bangs broken popularise and a little dark spots on my cheeks and everything.

Other than that my skin is quite. Okay, and i wanted my skin to look a bit more smooth and brighter.

I picked this up. This is the pearl or a brightening cream cream pack from etude house so. This is a creamy wash off mask treatment and it's infused with pearl aurora particles will brighten heidrick & smooth the look of skin and it provides a gentle exfoliation and it just gives you more hydration and revealing a brighter and more even toned and smoother complexion.

I did try this out I think the day I got it because I was i finished working out and I washed my face and I thought muscle pop this on and try it off. This is what it looks like it's just really thick and white and I just used my fingers and I just applied all of my face generously obviously keeping it away from my eyes it's not like really harsh though.

And I kept it off for 20 minutes you come and after washing it off my face did feel a little bit more brighter feeling and it does feel a little more plump I don't know about the hydrating partly because they didn't because unlike other masks it didn't leave my skin feeling really really soft I mean it wasn't bad but then I didn't leave my skin soft it just left my skin feel brighter and more awake I guess that's just my first impression of it for now um.

Yeah that is that and then the last thing that i got from I by viacom was this. This is the poor master sebum control pack and honestly I think. This is like my one of my favorite of products I got this one and the Innisfree base this would i look like.

It's just like a little compact um it's quite small I was expecting to be bigger but was quite small and it's just as poor master of see them control and it's just like this nice light minty green or blue it looks like a mini version of like those compacts those cushions sponge and it has like a little sponge look how small and cute that is like it's.

Small oh I just dropped it and then in here and it's just like white powder.

It's just mattifying powder pretty much where it was it's just poor covering mattifying powder and I for some reason when i looked at it online I thought it was going to be like like a base like some type of cream base like a poor primer pore minimizing primer or something and I tried it on me actually I'm wearing it today as well and I really like it surprisingly I it definitely covered my pores it definitely smooth out my my I guess creases a lot and it like as I have open pores I have a lot one port right here under my eyes and then I have a lot of clogged pores on my nose and my t-zone pretty much and I just kind of tapped it on there and it definitely did blurt out and smooth it and modify it and I thought it was pretty cool it worked really well compared to like the other ones that I tried and it didn't look cakey at all i think that's what i liked it the most a lot because it didn't look cakey at all that is all I got from I by Beauty calm like that's all the Korean products that I got um I think it's a good enough amount for someone like me who's never really tried Korean products before I did pick up like three things from amazon when i decided to go ahead and look for a few things to help with my skin.

You guys know like i already mentioned that i have oily skin picked up um Jehovah oil from amazon I'd I don't know if that's how you pronounce it I was mean I've heard it many ways but. This is just one hundred percent pure organic cold-pressed unrefined Jehovah oil or a hobo or your hobo oil something like that.

The reason why I picked up this type of oil in particular was because I researched and it was it's the only oil that's like the closest to your natural skin oil that's what I learned while researching and that it could help your skin to naturally on its own stop producing a lot of oils on there on your skin you'll make your skin feel like oh you have enough oil.

You'll slowly stop producing on its own.

I thought that was really cool and you know I thought give it a try it comes in a glass bottle it comes with like a glass dropper which I like a lot.

Yeah I just cause it's like a glass dropper like.

And I just usually do like a few drops.

I also picked up another um serum oil thing and. This is the finest vitamin C serum and. This is the anti-aging serum.

The reason why I picked up this one was because I've read some of these majority reviews that it has helped with aging and dark spots and wrinkles and all that stuff it's also a glass bottle I also comes with a dropper it feels it's a lot more on the liquid side and doesn't feel like an oil it definitely just it's just more like a liquid water type of consistency I'm the only thing is that i don't really like the smell of it just because it smells a little bit like lemon i also actually did pick up this which i will be making a review on I have no clue where I put my packaging but. This is the rapid lash eyelash enhancing serum and it just looks like this and I actually watched this one other girl on YouTube talking about it because i was talking she was talking about how gets her asian eyelashes to look long and beautiful and stuff I said she was talking about this.

I decided to give this a go because I did hear some recently nice reviews on it as well and this was roughly 30 I won't say 3035 dollars it just comes in a tube like this and it does look like an eyeliner like it has like a little brush applicator they do for that video i will make make a review of this like after another month or.

Now on to the next stuff they're just like literally random stuff that i picked out last Friday I went to take my cosmetician license and after that we went to like this little boutique I don't remember what it's called it's not only a boutique it's just like a cupcake store was super cute full of sweets like or you could smell in there was just sugar and not my type of thing but I thought it was still really cold but they have like little boutique items on sale tuned and they did sell cupcakes and sweets and candies of course everything was a little bit pricey quite pricey actually.

I was looking around and I picked up one of their body spray perfumes and I told my sounds that I was the only there just to get cupcake but it's such a cute packaging for one it's clear and then it just has like all this details lace flowers more flowers cute sunshine stuff sun shines and daisy stuff but the reason I pick this one up is because it smells like roses like I have it on me today um it's just mostly a nice like it just smells like flowers like just straight up flowers and roses and just all that happiness and it intrigued me alive.

Um I've been really into nails lately especially like acrylic nails and I do my own nails.

The ones to my nails right now they I've done them myself and I've just been really into lately I did go to school about it but then during that time I wasn't into it because I was like because I have really bad habits of biting my nails even now I still do and.

I've always told myself that oh you know like I there's no point in being into nails because I always chew my own nails anyways.

It's at least I went picked up a few things just to practice because I mean I'm not saying I'm really good at it yet but I do enjoy doing it and I just for fun.

I went and picked up a nail brush. This is just like a pro sculpt nail brush and it's um number eight my beauty secrets I don't know I just looks like this and then I also went and got like a nail tip cutter I also picked up myself another file because you know I follow my nails a lot and you kind of need it when you are doing your nails and then I went and bought some more acrylic tips.

Um these are the terrific tips clear vision cutouts and there's just like a hundred of them in different sizes and I got the ones and clear anyways.

Yeah since I've been really into nails I did go to target and. This is the sally hansen miracle gel nail polish and. This is in the color gray PT. This is actually what i'm wearing on my nails right now so. This is what the bottle looks like and of course you can see it on my nails I like this nail polish brand a lot because the brush is really big you don't need a lot of code I was looking for a nice gray nail polish but I was really picky with like the shade and tone and color of it and I saw this one at target and I was just like it's mine.

I picked it up and like I said it's in my favorite one of my favorite brands along with that I did go ahead and pick up this up and. This is the sally hansen complete care extra moisturizing for in one nail treatment and it just looks like this it's supposed to help with your nail growth it's supposed to be in place of a base coat and topcoat and all that wonderful stuff but i don't really like it i have already used it for a while it's not as shiny it doesn't give off a nice shiny finish compare like a regular top coat in the end I still have to go and buy another one.

I didn't really save me money or help me or anything um.


Once I run out of this I probably won't be buying it again in edmond target i also did pick up these I lower lengthening lashes and I've been like in serious needs of getting some new eyelashes but I picked these up because it looked really nice for everyday wear and they're just like the typical I want to say that the difficult like eyelashes wispy lashes and you get like three of them and they just Flair out at the end which I like and.

I decided to get these and just give them a try and use them for everyday makeup or whatever I have started to clean my lashes whenever I use them.

That I could wear them longer and that I wish I did that sooner because all the lashes that I throw away my goodness I always find something to buy from target i'm pretty sure a lot of you guys can agree with me I went to the shoe section at target and I was in search of a pair of black flats I think.

I picked up these and I really really like them they are pointed toe they look kind of like loafers I'm going to say it does have like a tiny little he over here and it's just all playing black suede really cute and I got these for 1608.

They were on clearance I saw these pair of boots and I am a big boots lover I love shoes in general like I buy shoes all the time though I found these and I just fell in love with them I don't have anything like this though actually which is surprising I think because I was really picky with them but these are just like booty like English booties and they have like a thick chunky heel and this I got for 1898.

Like 20 bucks almost and I thought they were just super cute and I like it that has a good super it has shoelaces but it has a sipper.

That you know it's easy to slip on it was just super adorable it does how like these little ridges on the back here to it goes up a little bit past my ankle and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing heels at all I love it it just feels like I'm wearing flats because the heels is.


That is my home I hope you guys enjoyed that sorry if it's a little bit like here and there or a little bit just out of like everywhere because. This is like my first time doing a video like this I'll try to link.

My try to links the Korean products like I said down the description box below with the website that I got them of course and also along with the amazon stuff if you liked my video then please give it a like and subscribe to my to my youtube channel and stay tuned for all my future videos I would really appreciate it if you guys check out my other videos as well my my recent videos and stuff.

Hopefully I could do more these videos for you guys and obviously more more mixed tutorials and maybe some reviews and other things in the future.

Thank you very much for taking your time to watch my video and I hope you guys have a great day and I will see you guys next time bye.

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