2 Dollar Mill Makes Sprouted Almond Oil? part 2 ( of 2 )

Okay so here's the mill we've cleaned it out of all the nut mash that was in here it's pretty much ran through one time maybe one and a half times so here's our mash so I'm going to take the mash and I'm going to use this set this guy down and what we're going to do right there and focus make sure we're still in focus okay so we have this little piece of material basic material probably cotton and so let's go ahead and grab some and put it in there this is the fresh cotton and then give over this mash here put that right in there and that's a roll that up okay just a little bit like that like that so let's see what happens here and there is our first oil see that on camera here let me get around the camera here make sure we're still in focus and it's pouring oil okay so I'm gonna get back into position okay that's still pretty oily obviously and again you only going to get so much out by hand and if you create a little press it would be better where you'll get more so here's the dry nut so let's go ahead and take the dry nut which could have been actually squeezed for a lot more and we'll just put a bowl over here now it's just a little handful and out okay let's take a look at the oil we have here so from that one little handful we have quite a bit of oil here okay so put that right back about there and we'll grab a little more in there one more time this time I'm going to put more in it so we get a better view just take some this right here there we go do your best and try not to drop too much not into the oil okay so there we go make sure it's closed at the top here okay got a nice hold on it this oh yeah see that's streaming but that's streaming makes someone a better light maybe I could turn so you could see it better that's a lot of oil we'll just keep turning on that we have a much better hand hold on it to the first amount that was in the rap wasn't enough to really grab and twist so we weren't real efficient on the first batch we might just put the first batch through again but let's finish this first and we'll discuss that later okay definitely the hands will get a workout but it's okay we're here to do this tribally right now and just see what we can get my hand not looks kind of dry very good and yet there's still a lot of real viable oils left in that and set that down again let's look at the oil we just got and bring that up to the camera that is a huge huge amount of oil well huge is this huge does so we're going to go ahead and measure that when we're done I'm going to go ahead and take the rest of this twist it into here and we'll be back okay so here we are I've cleaned up some of the tools here's the grinder all the pieces those are all zenned up and so we have the nut mash that we've already pressed by hand material we used the ball here's the oil let's move this one out of the way let's take the measuring glass and we'll go ahead and pour this into here it's our oil yes yes I have a spatula no it's not handy so here we are with the thumb okay so let's take a look at this glass wow that is literally one half glass four ounces of almond oil from one pound now that will clarify that will by tomorrow morning you'll see a little dark line here and it will start to get lighter and by the next day this will be golden and so that will look something like this sunflower oil after it's clarified see the line in the bottom of the sunflower oil that little thin line right there that's the sediment see if we can find the spot on the bottle here we see it that's there we go and so that's the oil from some sunflower from the other day I don't want to stir it up too much but at least you can see it and so here's our oil literally one half glass from one pound so that half glass of oil that four ounces a little bit more than 4 ounces let me check it out on a level surface yeah that's just a little bit more than half a glass four ounces from one pound so that was about who knows eight and a quarter organic almonds and so from eight and a quarter we have a half glass of oil that is very amazing in my book okay so everybody knows how to make it now and you can hand press it at home this is one type of grinder or would you use the other mill that I showed you in the beginning the corona and so hand pressing sprouted almond oils by hand okay here's our final product we have about four ounces of almond oil on the left and the pressed cake on the right what you see on the lid here I use breathable covers on the bottle sometimes they olive oil I receive me the on the Doyle I put the lid on so beautiful four ounces of organic almond oil hand pressed and basically only a half an hour's time good night
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