2003 Harley Sportster Ignition module Replacement

Party I'm on wood shot with my oh three Harley Sportster I'm going to do a quick video on how to replace a ignition module I've had this bike for a while and I've had problems for a while I've changed a lot of different things but I've narrowed it down to this.

I think I've narrowed it down to the ignition module the symptoms for my bike have been it'll crank up on it'll run an idle fine while the bikes still cool once it gets to about a hundred and fifteen degrees I found it just started losing spark.

I'll crank it up and I'll you know let it idle and I'm like I can make it a few blocks before I just write when I get on the throttle starts backfiring loss of power and it just says backfiring like crazy as it's like missing those Sparks and until it just shuts down and once it shut down it's done until it cooled back down.

Based on what I've read and based on you know other people's experiences and the symptoms from their bikes I'm pretty sure. This is it.

2003 Harley Sportster  Ignition module Replacement

I want to do a quick video on how to change your ignition module on a 2003 Sportster. All right, if you come down here. This is the is the cam cover side of the bike tube you're bright you're going to have this you're going to this cover right here there to those two holes there's two rivets to go in there that you have to drill out once you're dressed pretty easy to drill mount and if this will pop right off. This is your ignition module you have a little indicator light right here this this will blink even if your ignition module is going out this will this can still blink sometimes before you move these screws right here what you want to do is you want to take a pen or you know marker and Mark where these two pens are because what happens is this plate spins its twists in here and that determines what your your timing.

You want to mark you want to mark where this thing is where the factory is placed it before you move it and then you'll just get a wide wide screwdriver and take these two guys out but make sure you know where it's at before you take this off. All right, now. This is pretty easy also other thing to mention is if. This is bad sometimes you'll actually see this thing is I partially melted or ghost you'll see it you will see damage that's it in the case for this one but you pull this back and sometimes you can see that this will be damaged or you know if this crate this plate would be cracked.

Once you pull that back all you're going to do I originally thought that I needed to take off this cam cover to do this job that's not it's not the case you'll see right here your wires to your ignition module go down here and they come out back under here let this plate you have to look under here and you'll see them where they come out. All right, once you're under the bike the wires through the cam the the wires to the ignition module come out right there where the tip of my finger is I've already cut mine off but that's where they are right there but they'll come around come in right here and then they'll go on this back here they go all the way back here they clip into that into this clip back here that clips onto the frame back here where you change your oil that's the clip that it clips into it's got looks like six pins go in it but only five do now. This is the piece I've already cut mine off it's got to be cut to come out of this hole you're going to end up cutting down here and you'll be pulling all this through here but here's the the old clip you'll see down in there it's only there's five pins and then here's the new cam sensor brand new cam sensor and it's got five pins.

You'll need to just transfer all these pins over to this piece right here but don't do that until you've pulled this out I'll do that until you pull this out and run the new cam sensor back through there otherwise you won't be able to get back in there.

That will be the next step. This is my new ignition module right here these. This is the old. This is all wires are already cut them off but what we're going to do is I don't have another one of these clips.

I need to move all these new wires into this clip that's how we're going to do it first thing you want to do is make note of where though where each wire goes.

You have paint green black and you'll switch flip it over on the other side you will have purple purple white and white black and you have this one just plug here on that side to get these out you cannot you can't just pull up on there in there like you can talk about why you want to but you're not you're not getting them out.

The first thing I'm going to do is you want look on the inside here and you'll see that green tab alright.

You see the green piece in here and that's all your hope pans right there to get those pins out you first need to get that green piece out which comes out fairly easily kind of get in there and it just pops real easy it comes on that now you can see your pins to keep that you need to get in there there's like six clips holding each one I hope you can see that the clip holding each one of those pins in there and you just need to move each clip down this top row move them down and you'll still be able to slide them right out alright.

I just got a small drill bit you should see me be able to do this you'll go in here in this little tab right here pull on that once you pull on that hit that pin will slide out now the pins go.

I remember off the bat there. All right.

Now we're ready to put the new ignition module in. This is the little hole that you're going to slide those wires down into it comes out underneath this cover that's it. All right, finally I got the new module and running wires run through here at the new wires out here all I'm gonna do now is transfer these back into the clip like I showed you earlier in the right order and plug it in and. This is just the tip I'm sure some of y'all already do this but I take pictures of everything you can see I've taken a picture of with the clip the old clip you still fight and now that I have the old clip right here I have a picture to see which wire's go into what spot because I photograph everything.

Yeah good documentation definitely helps photograph all the little pieces and parts and it'll definitely help you out when it comes to putting it back together alright got the new ignition module our wires running through here down at the bottom into the original clip I'm a pins coming out up there I like to do is plug it in and zip tie back to the frame how it was originally then crank her up well I'm not to go back we gotta we got to put this back in there and line it up then we can crank it up. All right, we got my new ignition module and I got it plugged in at the bottom we're about to see she cranks up make sure she's in neutral alright step out back from a ride perfect Sheeran awesome last time I rode I ended up walking my bike back to the house from several blocks away there's not a lot of fun I just took her on a long long ride and seems to be the ignition module was the was the problem.

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