2009 Doggie Dash - Sacramento Responsible Pit Bull Lovers MEETUP GROUP

Yes for me hi Sacramento responsible capital letters and I think we've already freaked somebody else out because somebody's non pitbull got off of her it's be a shin was doing zumiez all around us and one of our dogs got a little murky and some lady over there was like she's great and like walked away from us did you see that did you see that it was awesome okay when our wall and that ladies I should be negative anyways we're gonna have a great time and students we start walking we had a nice little walk over here everybody is very well behaved and beautiful and it's gonna be awesome here yeah you can you farted and I want to give a shout out to dawn from chaco read rescue and advocacy group she is dying for us today and doing an awesome job I cooked doggy prob the cheese day we came in on the videographer mark I think a town you can see why you had to cancel / dogs event okay yesterday yesterday the day before I had to cancel a june six flash dogs event it was actually a big doggie hoedown but splash dogs is participating but it was held on property owned by a woman named Noah who owns a dog University called for his dogs in action and there had been rumor that she had a pit bull breed ban on her property and just didn't allow them in classes didn't allow them on her property at all not for dog jumping or anything so I called her directly to ask her about this because i wanted my pickle group to participate in her june six doggie hoedown splash dogs event and we had about a 5 or 10-minute conversation and she called me directly that she did not have a breed man at all we were completely welcomed that our group was welcome there any time um and dawn from chaco also had emailed her humility directly i emailed aaron and i posted to the performance dogs in action yahoo group okay to also ask her about this just to see who got a response first i was able to talk to her first so i thought it was okay i thought the pit bull ban was just a rumor and posted the event on our tech mono responsible pitbull lovers website and a couple days after i posted the event Oh a number of our group left because of this because she swore to me there was a p.o Bayon and kicked off with the property because she had a fighting grade she has like I think an agency registered steffi who like competes woman's a dog trainer the woman who got kicked off the property anyways so a couple days after I had this conversation with NOLA Don got a post back that in the beginning said you know oh you know all these glorious thinking about all dogs and everything's wonderful and bring your dog and blah blah blah and then at the end they slip in oh but pitbull's / aggressive dogs basically saying pit bulls I guess and or aggressive dogs are not welcome on the property really at all that private lessons ever private lessons and then at the end the worst part i thought was her reasoning she felt compelled to put reasoning and this was that her daughter works at Kaiser and has seen you know numerous numerous children mauled and attacked we have to go over here but oh the woman's other reason was that 21 people who are members or students of her 27 what members of her you know doggie academy or students at her doggie doggie academy had actually had their dogs mulled or killed five pitbulls so that was her reasoning is dog attacks that come into kaiser being pitbulls busily and her students being having their dogs attacked mog killed by pit bulls so we cancel the event and hopefully Deb and Tonko will come back to the pit bull meetup group and join us again because deb introduced our group to slash dogs and she's awesome thank you very much Amy back up dad does he's what are you thinking about the camera sorry there's little grass are you kidding me I need beretta filtered water she is sugar like stinky water she's a bottle of young putting in a park with Riddick leash required park city ordinance he is attacked by two beagles who run up and find us screaming that beagle bay scream they do the owner all the way across the park yelling for her dogs I have got rid of on his hind legs with his collar and they bit me as I'm trying to it on purpose they looked at him looked at me and lunged and get my leg so the woman that owner comes up and says oh I'm so sorry and I reminded her of the leash law and I said you know what the headlines would have sat on the paper pitbull attack Spiegel so she asked if i was going to press charges and i told her no as long as you promise me and she would always have her dogs on a leash and so now you know I've been dealing with reactivity with my dog who by the way is doing much much better Rick did you get attacked by evil ideas and I trouble coming up behind me for a long time push a dog you can see now I'm pretty cool oh thank you very much and you get your ticket yeah big big time they're what we haven't reached the finish line oh no you wanna come loose life I'm sorry Oh
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