2012 Fall Recipes - How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds (Cooking with Pumpkin)

Another thing I love about fall is I love to eat roasted pumpkin seeds so when you carve your jack-o'-lantern or if you roast a small pumpkin like this to make something baked something you want to save all of those seeds what you're gonna do is you'll scoop out your pumpkin pulp with the seeds so to dry them you put them in the colander you've removed all the excess liquid and you could lay them flat out on a baking sheet and put them out in the hot Sun to speed up the process but you want them to be totally dried out before you put them in the oven so what do you want to do then with this pumpkin is pumpkin seeds you're going to lie them out on a baking sheet I like to melt some butter a couple tablespoons of butter or depending on how many seeds I have and very simply just add salt you don't have to do anything else to this recipe and what's great about pumpkin seeds it's they're free they're gonna come inside that carb jack-o'-lantern that you have so instead of throwing them away when you carve your pumpkin save them and it makes a delicious healthy snack high in fiber of course I'm adding butter which is going to give you the calories but it's going to give you a lot of great flavors so highly recommend using a little bit of butter when you roast your pepitas pumpkin seeds this is how pumpkin seeds look when they're holed you can buy these year-round this way very inexpensive in Mexican markets called pepitas and it's the whole pumpkin seed that's how it looks when it's different now another way you can do pumpkin seeds if you have them like this during the year it's not pumpkin season and you want to have pumpkins roasted pumpkin seeds roasted you can either roast these in the oven but another quicker way is to put them in a nonstick skillet with a little spray pan spray and within a minute or two they're gonna turn this beautiful color and these are great as a garnish on top of any types of baked goods pumpkin bread pumpkin cookies they're really wonderful you
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