2014-2015 Chevy GMC Silverado Tahoe Sierra Yukon JET Power-Flo Throttle Body Installation 76108

Recording: Brought to you by JEGS! Brian: Hi, I'm Brian from Jet Performance Products coming to you today from our headquarters in Huntington Beach, California. Today we're going to install a Jet Powr-Flo throttle body on a 2015 GMC Yukon with a 5.3 liter engine. You're going to gain about eight to twelve horsepower with this throttle body, depending on the other modifications you've made. Now, let's go see how easy it is to install. Now we're going to install the Jet throttle body on the GMC. Installation's pretty simple. First you need to remove bare intake assembly. Pull off the vent hoses, just push up on the clamp, pull them off.

There's two of them, one on each side. There's a couple of clamps, one that holds to the throttle body and the other one to the air box. Pull off the throttle body side first, then pull it off the air box. Get that out of the way and then we'll move on to taking the throttle body off.

Now we're going to remove the factory throttle body from the GMC. First, unlock the slide connector, pull the connector off the throttle body itself. Now we're going to remove four ten millimeter bolts that hold the throttle body to the intake manifold. That's it, you got the stock throttle body off pretty quick.

We're going to reuse the stock bolts and mount the Jet Powr-Flo throttle body, through the intake manifold. Get these down as far as we can by hand. Now we're going to tighten this in a cross pattern, similar to the way you do a carburetor. Just snug these down. This is a plastic intake manifold.

2014-2015 Chevy GMC Silverado Tahoe Sierra Yukon JET Power-Flo Throttle Body Installation 76108

There's no reason to over tighten this stuff [inaudible 00:03:28] break the manifold or pull the insert out. So just snug, cross it over, make sure it's snug down. Put the electrical connector back on, put the throttle position in stepper motor, put the lock on it, re-install the air intake. That's it, operation's complete. Be sure to check us out at www.jetchip.com and at Facebook and Instagram, @jetchip. Recording: Brought to you by JEGS! Fast delivery, your source for high performance and quality.

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