2016 Waller family reunion day 04 Stavanger Norway

The Misses are like this.

From Christians on to lingle on e 39 I believer in ling dollars lingual in little panorama but if you come to Norway I recommend a 39 at least from Christians ons to lingo very nice scenery very nice legs Hills beautiful houses beautiful countryside.

Far really glad we made this trip madman and be like a child it's a straight stretch of road guys I'm going 60 miles per hour shutter on 60 no it said second E and then they had scratchy outfit that's 70 km/h which means scratch ality means you can do a hundred kilometers an hour yeah it's a lot which is 60 miles that's what I just said that I'm going 60 miles per hour oh you did you said 70 I did not say that it helped nope 15 on now some of your father and we're recording really a little bit I look there's a waterfall and it pitstop mama didn't stop there Oh we're going to be passed every car I believe we are now taking a Christine Waller shortcut just like the old man taking roads that we really don't intend to date.

We're following her gps or gps says to take 804 and 803 well.

We'll take advantage of it and we'll see what we see yep and ninety-two lady it well they're used to the road.

Much I can't eat what is yeah well the car hahaha panorama from the tunnel we exited we have a light rain falling but that doesn't matter look at this look at the bird taking off take off Birds oh they're not doing a good job look there's a beach to enjoy or the beach goers like my forefathers before me I have landed on shore it's time to conquer take the hell no come to Norway travel and tour and see the great hills and valleys and lakes and thirds come to norway norwegian lives are from norway oh you guys in wisconsin quick stop here morrow my daughter takes pictures of cows we're finally on the back we're back on the right road we're supposed to be on camp ground over there across the lake oh shit you got another car yet and I'm done oh my god uh-huh she has a thing about cows don't have no cows don't go mere yeah what I want.

If you want to talk to come if if you want to talk to cows you have to talk in their language.

Here face me and then face at them ah uh hey I speak cow three thank you yeah dad look here i am looking there smile I found it I found it oh oh my gosh july seventeenth 2016 beautiful sunny day snow yeah me go.

Funny hello shall be hard stavanger porch daughter doesn't want the salads.

We've got to look for a restaurant another day is finished Hank Odin.

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