2016 Waller Family Reunion Day 05 Pulpit Rock Norway

Monday morning okay. This is our first stay for tonight try to recuperate a little bit and slow things down just a little bit on our family reunion vacation to Norway heading down to have the breakfast daughter still sleeping and wonder what time she went a bit anywho i'll see you at breakfast there's my simple breakfast.

Far and. This is the wipes not.

Simple breakfast but very healthy they have ketchup they got my vote Norway behind us ha oh yeah all darling yeah let her go with her phone and then there's mother mother dear oh my oh and they're off and running I'll see them in tie up at the top on top as it distance themselves further and further from me.

This 800 meters is a warm-up nobody down there's the difference between trying and doing.

Family shot. Okay, come on oops brazen get down that way I need your filter up a little bit more I didn't say I was gonna try to do it I'm gonna do are you cooking. Okay, you don't have to bend up uh 2016 hope of rock between two and three klicks to go to get there yep happy whatever family day. Okay, see you saw the first now I can really get ahead of them they might get me on the hills but I got him on the straight stretch this part of the hike I can do look at that long straight stretch whoo the path behind no sign of them oh they stopped for me.

I better stop for them and it looks like it's roxanne up and rocks enough.

I need to take a break anyway, maybe a shot of their money come up to oh they're already caught up to me shiza here they come it caught me already mess good place for a break take some more water Oh helicopters coming to take me off the mountain nah how much war hello miss Waller. All right, I'm starting off before them Christine they got more energy than I do.

I need to head start fun fun fun oh you guys are doing that like these your night was I'm gonna go again you guys are no fun hey not.

Sweet old Mimi they'll way around it's a Christine bird it's the selfie twins what have you got to say about the hike mrs. Waller how many cool let's go we are family hey hey yeah no rush sunsets not to 1030.

Oh yeah that bridge is a good indication which way we're going we're almost there well 800 more meters keep one of those days we're going to sign up tonight.

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