2016 Waller Family Reunion Day 06 Bergen Norway

Tuesday morning quick stop at old stavanger to look at some of the older wooden houses that the tourism is promoting and then we're off to bergen by ferry car ferry car ferry car ferry car a bike we started in stavanger we went through a couple tunnels which i didn't realize were there see here bring out somewhere between here and here on the ferry and we drive up 39 here looks like a tunnel tunnel drive up 39 to hear looks like you take a ferry from here it's up to here and then we go the rest upright American later this afternoon hey who are these guys oh look who I found oh yeah so. This is miss Walters healthy food did sheets while she's on her diet for her stomach every day twice every day for you say every other day ha we'll see you gonna be in the videos it's the wall or family doing their selfies.

While our family take a picture of me doing their selfies that'll really hurt growth of time lapse I'm sorry I'll don't worry I'll make sure I put it in there freeze frames slow it down Lando here's another one you want to be in my time lapse to us I guess that answers that question till the nine photographers just just no manners whatsoever that's not me what Harry alarms allowed it is open is the game now the mills odysseyware she's already eating dead that's. Okay, you can eat. Okay, in the region dinner mine is the starter sardines with flat bread butter horse mrs. Waller's doing the muscles that's one of her favorite dishes and this water is having tomato soup with stuff in did I get the we must conquer those Englishmen we must board the ship Wow haha thank you to do this but I gotta try anyway, I knew you're gonna do that he did I just tell you that she knew that I was gonna do that I have to be much more creative at this stage in life to be able to fool my daughter because she knows all my tricks she thinks anyway.

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