2016 Waller Family Reunion Day 09 Jotunheimen Top of Norway

As we go our separate ways Christine see you in Tron time we're going to take the reindeer mrs. Waller has Christine's GoPro and Christine went that way and we're going this way but she's gonna try and catch up to her take the road take the road she's on the road it'd be easier for you to walk on to what a day oh and the first battery bites the dust Mrs W is heading back I'm going more that way like to go to those waterfalls but maybe on the way back I'm down to my last battery.

But don't worry about me i got plenty of water i got plenty of food I got my rain jacket yeah be careful in the snow as she goes walking into the sunset actually this that's the only place where the snow is bad just bet that's no point that I left a robot or slip.

You could slide a long way hey I saw you hey I do we're heading over for dinner they have to dinner x 6 13 8 30 christina was hungry.

We decided to go for the 630 see what we got first course tomato soup probably looks like the main courses arrives amanat dedos and cucumbers what's the OL sauce I know it wash yeah it's good cool I'm a dig it third course apple pie and beer family family we are family.

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