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You all great projects start with an idea create a cricket account and be introduced to a new way of making your ideas real with Cricut design space instead of figuring out how to make your project you can focus on what you want to make we'll take it from there our new design software lets you think the way you want to think you can start designing from scratch or you can open a pre design project and make it now you can come with inspiration from elsewhere or browse hundreds of other projects to spark an idea and when you start designing you can use our library of over 50,000 fonts and images create using your system fonts or upload your own images plus all cricket images are available to try before you buy.

You can decide what will work best in your project before you commit. However, you choose to design you can make sure your project looked exactly the way you want and when you're ready to make your project it's as easy as a click of a button Cricut design space automatically separates elements of your project design on two different mats in other words we've done the hard part for you watch as Cricut explore brings the design to life and that's why we created Cricut design space to do the work for you.

You can focus on your idea to make designing easy to help you make amazing things there's.

Much more you can do with Cricut design space find all our tutorials at cricket comm / how to.

3% OFF + FREE Shipping Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine

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