300zx Z32 Boost Gauge & Radio Bezel

Hey guys! if you watch my previous video then you know that I just recently got this factory radio bezel and installed this gauge pod panel down here that goes in that bottom section underneath the radio and we are going to be installing that today and replacing this metal plate that was here before arm these gauges I'm doing away with except for the innovate air fuel ratio gauge because that is a really nice gauge in a really good system and I have all the wires and everything for it and then for boost I just got this glow shift gauge um it got good reviews it's fairly inexpensive.

Opening the box here you can see that's the receipt we've got a couple of stickers right here ten percent off that's cool and then here's the box for the gauge itself.

I got the tinted seven color series gauge and you can see it right there it's got a little film over it we will pull this oh alright nope in a little protective plastic piece there's the gauge itself this feels really uh no it feels very well made feels like good quality it's got some weight to it um all these wires uh.

That's going to be your like power and switch and everything for the light for the gauge and then this right here is going to be your line coming in for a the boost we've just got this casing that I guess goes around it um if you have a place that you're putting it and you require this plenty of arm just hose boost line whatever vacuum line and then a brackets for to go on the back on these and then T for installing the boost line it up in the engine bay to tap into your factory roof line and then we've got some nuts to screw that bracket onto these on the back right there and then we have um installation instructions so. This is really cool um this makes me feel very good about installing this um everything has been laid out for me right here.

300zx Z32 Boost Gauge & Radio Bezel

Telling you intake manifold tea in your boost line coming out to their tells me what all my wires are what color goes to what and then step by step on what I need to do right there along with additional notes um the thing I like the most about these like notes and everything is that this has obviously been tested and they have obviously run into um just some common just small issues of you know you did this wrong if this happens and they go ahead and tell you about that.

Um I mean honestly for 40 bucks really can't beat it one year warranty um really good tech support.

Yeah I would look into it if you guys are on a little bit of a budget and don't want to break the bank this this seems this seems really good and got good reviews and everything.

I'm going to go ahead and get started by ripping off this panel right here which is not even attached flops around and then um yeah and I'm gonna find some wires and go for it.

I've got all my wires open there that i'm going to use and now it's time for multimeter.

Black is going to go right there foreground redd+ is going to go right there and we're going to go bdc 20 hmm. Okay, we've got 12 volts right there on that red wire.

This red wire right here is actually my switch wire.

I get 12 volts whenever I turn the car on on this black is ground.

I've got switch power I've got ground right here um and I do not have a constant here which kind of surprised me that the radio wires don't have a constant but whatever I don't know maybe I'm missing something but anyways I'm going to run up to the store and get some wire and an inline fuse and just run that constant straight up to the battery ok.

I went to the store I've got this 18 gauge wire I have this inline fuse holder. This is whether protective.

Um. This is going to be up in the engine bay and kind of in the elements I suppose.

I've got that um I've got some fuses 5 amp fuse is going to go in there and then that is going to come through and be my constant power and then switch and ground right here.

I'm going to set that up and get it wired through um and i'm going to do all of that and then I'll go back and film and show you what I did and where I fed the wire and everything ok.

I have routed the constant power and I'm going to show you how here's my wire that's constant power going to the battery and it is just going behind there under the dash over here I'm going to tuck it up better um and then here is my vacuum line going to the boost gauge I ended up using the line and the T that came in the kit and then just going into that black line right there and then those are coming through I cut out hole in this grommet right here and those are coming through here and the door is not pinching these at all and that is coming up into the engine bay right here where I wrapped it with electrical tape just to kind of hide it I guess and that's coming right here and then there's the T that came with the kit and I figured out that I have to use this team because it has a restrictor on it and that restrictor is needed um to regulate the pressure going into the boost gauge.

That's where that boost line is going and then the wire is in this little um whatever you call it harnessed casing shield whatever that I just had some spare laying in the garage.

Tape that off.

That's nice and held on there and then that is going across across across open to. All right, here and then it's going down behind the battery right there and then I've got it tied into this inline fuse which has a hold on I'll show you ok I can get up but this inline fuse has a 5 amp fuse in it and then I just need to attach this end to the positive terminal on this battery and I will be good to go. All right.

Now that I've got all that wired up um I should be able to touch my ground to my ground and then I've got my constant here coming off of the battery and I have reconnected the negative terminal cable on the battery.

I should touch this Andrey need 12 volts and 12 point 7 volts we are good to go for constant which means that i can finish installing my gauge.

In order to fit the gauge um through the pod it was hitting this back ledge right here.

I just found an electric cancel and just trim down down just kind of wait over and out and then followed back this way.

Now i've got a nice flat ledge almost all the way up against the pod right there and then flat on the sides.

This should come in at a downward angle just fine. Okay.

All my wires are connected I've got the air fuel ratio gauge just sitting in here this looks really good right here my camera is about to die but hopefully it'll get this take that film off and here we go. Okay, lights up really well looks good nice and plenty bright. This is the tinted lens and we'll start it up alright colors green red like a baby blue yellow purple white. All right, that's it for this video guys I hope that helped and yeah that was actually pretty fun I've never done anything like that before.

It's pretty cool but uh I'll catch you guys in the next video like comment and subscribe thanks you.

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