How you to house you all stay close mine is going fine I've been busy today sharpen and I've made three or four videos already as you see I still have the same clothes on. Okay, today I'll be making some girl fashion chili with a twist I'm going to put some tomato soup in it because it's seasoned real good my grandmother in my I need to put Campbell's tomato soup in that chili and in their spaghetti sauce they offer used to use the v8 juice.

Today I'm using smell soup stay chill. This is some of the ingredients I'll be using something. This is my pressure cooker but I can fix something just as quick in a pot truly don't take that lump.

How many times I get to the part 24 pounds.

Usually from you the pack per pound I mean three packs of this chili on me that's about different brand you will be used today use McCormick the Brooke when it's time I just bought the hot come on stone mill from Audie using the key metals.

Don't wait kidney beans my chili beans and great value should be I usually use Joan of Arc chili beans but they didn't have them at Walmart when I was shopping the other day. Okay, I'm not sure if I need tomato sauce or not I'm hoping I won't need it. Okay, cuz I don't chopped up onions or garlic in my food and use a lot of onion powder and a lot of garlic powder and there's no salt in these using my black pepper from oil base yep that's a red pepper flake well crushed red pepper and imitation this even eats up if it does I use a little kosher Club. Okay, we're already washed can counsel cans off.

I'll be back once I got the meat cooked and drank Okayama meat is browned and we'll show you we start with good meat you don't have to drain grease you can see that.

I need to turn it this was the 90/10 turn on round shirt off.

I'm going to put in the beam should i season it clips and put in the bang these other dark red kidney beans that is on yes look you're going to mount chili be.we something I forgot to put in there where's the stuff you got a great bag of chili be well my gran comes in krolow I cook on the back of the stove. Okay, put the seasoning in here where's my watch sister I could read it make sure there's not soy sauce but would hate that. Okay, these packet that's a big package.

Chili mix when the Brooks nice and dark where he's got a lot of to the powder in. Okay, stuff I just bought some hobbies well it smells good too Dodie boy yeah but it now dark like chili chili powder liked it off - good plan let's put a little water in here we're going to put my sauce in here when I come up the middle school because hot water will rest in your can and get out as goodness out the bottom a lot of these came and get them to waste and I will pick up on the knee other can of tomato sauce we all get idea what kind of make this video to love. Okay, put my other seasoning in it. This is the onion probably make sure you know your father is not chopping up anything well then I like still chopped up into two using the garlic powder black pepper my overhead light.

Light you just went out.

You can cut the light off some old bay in here it's a usually go until anything but. This is Miss Roselli chilly just going in here today great cup of light taste it if I flip off solid it another neater than that six mixes up it's a little red pepper flakes give you the closure flop try not to overdo the flop to fly it down boys don't matter nothing I'll just put where you got the rest of the hot stuff I thought that saw this I have a busted cracker yeah.

We eat election what's the crack nuts growing up we had watch the crack of sometime I usually just had regular saltines little more slow real slow. Okay, okay I'll show you how to finish brother. Okay, and write this up my Chile to drag it out this cup with a handle nice and thick I need a loan can of tomatoes with tomato sauce use that Campbell soup tomato soup Kurt and I about to taste this for y'all how does this story.

That's my killer you like this video give me a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe to myself. Okay, y'all blessed day bye.

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