3D modelling impeller in AutoCAD

Hello friends welcome to SourceFed tutorials I hope you like my previous videos so in today's video I will make a simple imbalance with AutoCAD 2013 so let's start by making its base feature I'll take circle command I'll make a circle of radius 20 units now go to 3d works and I'll extrude it two units for a better disability and change it to share it view now I will make another circle with same center and radius four units and another with radius 3.2 units No best book this small region and give it a height of 30 units No Union these two bodies it required after making this feature I will make a simple line along this curve but before making that I will create a new layer a new layer and name it right color this layer if you like and make this layer active now select line and make a line of length four units and sideline command again and I'll make another line of length 30 units which is equal to height of extrusion of the cylinder now how do you like this Lane into eight different sections by using point come on but before making that I will hide this object from drawing view to hide it go to layers and make layer containing that object now we have only 2d profile left here no again go to divide and select your object to divide enter eight in number of divisions and present now this line is divided equally into eight sections now we'll make lines along this but before making that and select this view make this view the current one the xy-plane again go to nine command and here is our first point make a line of length two units again press the spacebar to repeat line command make another line of length four units and similarly repeat this process for consecutive lines with length in the multiple of two and our last line will be of length 16 units now to make this wheel appear clearly I will turn off grid here we can see our 2d sketch now I will go to layer and make our 3d layer on once again Oh two UCS view phase and select face to this make this face as current base now I'll rotate all these lines with rotate command at angle of 6 degree each but again before making that I'll have to turn this layer off so that I can see my drawing clearly you might do to try clearly go to rotate select a line enter select this point and specify angle as -6 degrees next specify other angles in the multiple of six units now here after making this rotation you can see the 2d sketch now select spline spline and make a spline along endpoints of all these lines which we have made now you can see basic sketch of our profile Finn is almost ready now go to surface and select Network select these sketches in one direction and press enter now select this and this one and press ENTER again once you press enter the selected profile will be converted into a surface now we will attempt to make it a solid go to taken and select your surface and press Enter now apply the thickness of 0.3 units you can see that this object is now converted into a solid to thickness point three units if you feel point three unit is a little bit not sufficient then change it to 0.5 selected press ENTER and change this value to 0.5 now the thickness of this pin seems quite perfect so go to layers and make the slave on now we can see our film along with main body next and go to polar array select this pin is specify this point and in number of items right 16 you will select any number of things you like but according to this geometry 16 seems perfect so I've selected 16 you have free to select any number of things after completing this close array our impeller is almost ready all we have to do is make some final adjustments to it so before making those final adjustments I will you need all these body into a single entity for that I will use Union select all these bodies and press enter wait for way and now this is completely a single body now select the space make a rectangle but before making this rectangle you have to change the face and make it xy-plane now again I will make a rectangle just of any length but stay clear that this rectangle should pass the length of the cylinder use extrude and extruded other side also now I will subtract these geometries select subtract your main geometric press enter and the subtracting directly you can see that unwanted area has been removed you can perform same operation to remove this unwanted area on this base cylinder for that go to this view and make it current you make a circle Oh 90 radius now go to preschool and select this small region the small area that encloses this line and end of the cylinder selected and press bullet downwards once you press pool the geometric is cleaned it's actually removed or shaft is almost ready all we have to do is get rid of this 2d geometry for that you can simply move this pretty drawing to some other place and delete this geometry completely you can see our 3d impeller is complete thank you guys for being with me have a nice day
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