5 Chocolate Bar Speed Eating Challenge (1220 calories)

[Music]. All right, it's been a while since I've done a YouTube challenge of any sort this one is a video response to Joe Clark you did a Halloween candy I see you which stands for I challenge you and issued a challenge Mason anybody who watches this video.

Anyway, I have the five bars you did right here five different candies that he did and I'm going to see if I could post a respectable time not sure if I'm going to beat his time or anything I'm going to try but um we'll see what happens we have Milky Way Twix Reese's peanut butter cups Snickers and KitKat.

Basically the rules are no liquids you have to finish one if you finish an entire one before you move on to the next and then you go any order you want just get it all down time starts when you open the first bar and and when you finish the last one when you swallow the last bit very while morale just package Oh Wow that was intense men because the idiot panda doesn't know how to open candy bars but until I was one heck of a challenge awesome awesome idea there is the wrapping right here for 23.9 I guess I am right around your time anyway, despite all my struggles but anyway, that was a very tasty very tasty challenge definitely a nice departure fro a nice departure from my usual spicy the spicy crap that I do anyway, check out his channel again I'll have it in the description box below and I'll see.

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