5 Meals for $30 - Episode 1 - Trader Joe's Haul

So we went shopping at trader joe's and we got this awesome bag of groceries for thirty dollars thirty dollars and twenty cents and what we're going to do with this bag of groceries is make you breakfast lunch and dinner for five days.

That's pretty cool what's also pretty cool is that if you're allergic to everything like we in milk and all those things you can still eat everything I'm going to make you from this bag.

You might say you can live off like ramen for like no money which is cool you know for like your freshman in college period but there's a time to graduate to kale which is item number one which I'm super excited about because it's packed with nutrients and vitamin K and Cassie I'm a bowl item number two we got is arugula I really don't know how to say this but it's super good for you and yummy.

That's I don't know four to three is eggs um these are good that's why we got them uh chicken item number for good base protein awesome hummus treater Joe's hummus brand it's really good you don't need like the fancier of France. This is will do it for you red pepper raw food super good tomato excellent don't get cancer feet tomatoes goat cheese the honey kind goes with everything you may think it might be too sweet for things but it goes to everything even mexican approve it roasted red pepper soup. This is the best kind at trader joe's i will feel comfortable making that statement blanket statement true story butternut squash weirdest name of any food known to man but.

Freaking delicious yellow pepper.

The red pepper has a friend lemon super good avocado really good lime almost on promise corn tortillas because I can't eat gluten and that sucks.

I get corn tortillas onion and corn pasta which i'm pretty sure was a dollar thirty-nine.

Some people think like gluten free food is super expensive go to trader joes you'll be able to eat without spending a crap ton of money so. This is our food I will show you how to make food now.

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