5 Ways to Use Therm O Web Mixed Media Sheets

Hi I'm Rebecca keppel for a thermal web here today and I'm here with the new mixed media sheets and i want to show you all the fun things you can do with them.

These are the I craft mixed-media sheets these are the lightweight sheets they are printable you can tear them you can cut them you can die cut them you can ink them paint them embossed them we're going to foil them here look you can tear them you can just do.

Many things with them they're incredibly versatile if you do foil them they end up acting like trim you can stitch on them you can adhere them.

I'm going to show you how to use the I crafts hot melt adhesive and apply foil to the mixed media sheets.

5 Ways to Use Therm O Web Mixed Media Sheets

We're going to lay it down our hot melt with the bumpy side on to the mixed media sheets and then we're going to use some gold foil my favorite I craft deco foil to foil the mixed media sheet.

Starting out with my light weight sheets and I have my laminator heating up it's been heating up about 10 minutes now i'm taking the bumpy side of the hot melt and i'm laying it on to the mixed media sheet then I'm going to take either the parchment paper that comes in the hot melt package or just a piece of typing paper or printer paper fold it into a sandwich and put everything inside when you use that edge of the fold to run through my laminator.

That nothing jams up once I take it out of my laminator and it's all been adhered then I can remove the backing of the hot melt that exposes the adhesive that you can then use to apply your foil.

I'm going to just peel off that backing there and then I'm going to just take some of the I craft gold deco foil and put it with the color side facing me onto the hot melt I'm going to create my sandwich once again it's this way I have a nice hard edge to run through the laminator and I'm going to run that through the laminator as well and it just takes a few minutes once it's all the way through the laminator I'm going to take out my sandwich and then I can remove the top of the foil and you'll be left with yay a beautiful foiled piece of mixed media sheet that's almost like fabric you can still tear it just like paper.

You can get that great distressed edge that you can see here but you can also cut it with scissors you could punch it you could die cut it you could send it through your trimmer to get nice straight edges once you have a strip like this you can fold it you can pleat it you can sew on it.

I love the idea of machine sewing.

I take a strip of the foiled sheets and i'm just going to pleat it or fold it across my card panel and then i'm going to send it through my sewing machine with just a regular straight stitch and that adheres it to my card panel and just gives it a great look i love that soiled pleated design.

Much fun.

Now i'm going to finish up my card i made a little shaker window and I have my sentiment on a banner I have thermal web zotz on one end of that banner and I'm going to tuck it into the window of my shaker this way that end is adhered and the other end is not adhered just a little different usually I'd hear both ends of a banner but I just thought i would try something different for a change and i really like the way that looks.

That's one way that you can use those mixed media adhesive sheets but there are lots of other ways you can emboss them die cut them ink them paint them stamp on the watercolor them and that's what we're going to do for this card this card i used a lot of those techniques.

We're going to use the heavyweight sheets for this one these are just thicker but they're still you can tear them you can cut them and i'm going to use some archival ink lawn fawn stamps i'm using the archival ink as a little watercolor and i don't want the ink to smear or bleed.

I'm going to just stamp out all my images and cleaning it with the lawn fawn damp chamois there.

I'm getting the sunflower and the pot I have some leaves I end up stamping four of them but i only use about two that's. Okay, have more for another project and then I'm going to stamp some hearts I end up stamping a stem as well and now I'm going to take out my watercolors these are just basic watercolors and i have the tim holtz detailer water brush that I'm going to use I'm going to drop some water onto the yellow and just pick up some of the yellow paint and start painting my sunflower it's very easy simple you love how these sheets take the watercolor I just absolutely had.

Much fun coloring these and painting on them.

I'm starting with my lightest color first and just going to paint the entire petals of the sunflower in that lighter yellow really it's.

Much fun you could use any paints with this you could use acrylics as well i'm going to take my darker color for the center I didn't wait for it to dry.

There was a little bit of bleeding but I used it to my advantage and use the bleeding to make the center of the petals I'm going to do the same thing with the leaves the light green first this time I'm letting them dry while I can move on to the pot I'm going to take the darker green and do the veins of the leaves they blends really beautifully on this thicker sheet and then we have the little hearts.

Now i'm using my dies to cut these pieces adam just using a little bit of washi tape.

That the dyes don't move around and some pieces i actually may have lost my die.

I'm just going to hand cut them i'm also going to cut out a card panel that little rectangle down there and we're going to do something fun with that.

I send it through my civics machine i have my card panel i have my little bits and pieces i'm going to take the card panel and i'm going to emboss it with a we r memory keepers embossing folder just going to send this to her just like you would any piece of paper when you emboss it and when you take it out the adhesive mixed-media sheets I'm sorry the mixed-media sheets take the embossing really really well and I love that look of the wood grain on there but I decided I wanted it to stand out even more.

I thought maybe inking it would be fun.

I have some Simon Says Stamp lucky ink and a tim holtz mini ink blending tool and I'm just going to apply the ink directly to the mixed-media sheet and you can see that the green really helps that beautiful wood grain embossed image stand out and I think it looks great with the sunflower to have that pretty green back there so. This is basically my card panel that I'm creating right now and just finishing up a little extra ink you could obviously add more i ended up adhering it to some cardstock with some sewing machine stitches just some messy stitches.

Now i'm going to hear it to a slightly larger piece of white card stock using the thermal web memory runner XL there i just get that nice little white border around the card panel and then i'm going to take that and adhere it to my card base using the same adhesive the thermal web memory runner XL.

Once that's all put together the only thing we have to do left is to put the flour together and the mixed media sheets adhere very easily with the brand new thermal web mixed media adhesive at the liquid adhesive it dries fast it holds super well and it's very easy to use.

I'm just kind of figuring out my placement here of my flour and there you go you can see the new adhesive it's got a great fine tip nozzle.

It comes out really nice and smooth and can apply to small places.

Once i get my pot down you'll see exactly how fine tip the nozzle is and how smooth the adhesive comes out on that tiny little stem i'm able to get out a nice line of adhesive and i just decided to smooth it down with my finger just.

I didn't have anything gooping out besides now you can see when i go to adhere the flour i do use a lot of adhesive you probably don't need to use this much i just tend to be nervous when I'm mailing cards that things are going to fall apart but this adhesive is very strong you can use it to adhere things to canvas not just the fabric sheets but also hard objects as well paper and other things too.

I don't think there should be any problem if you don't use as much as I do I just tend to be nervous about those things and then I'm going to just adhere the leaves finely and we'll have our card panel almost ready to go and you can see here I've decided to go with two leaves I do sort of play with a placement of a third but then I end up not using it I really like the way that this turns out because you have lots of texture between the embossing and the fabric nature of the mixed-media sheets it gives it a very homespun feel add some stitching to it some inkings water coloring and it's just a beautiful handmade card.

I decided not to put the sentiment on the front because I like the flower.

Much the way it was.

I use some versafine ink and the lawn fawn sentiment on the inside of the card instead and it says our friendship grows brighter each day which I love it's a great sentiment.

There you go those are the mixed-media sheets I hope you'll check them out and thanks again for stopping by see you soon you you.

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