6" Guillotine Shear by Pepetools Ft. Melissa Muir

Having the ability in the metal smithing studio to cut your metal and have nice straight edges is something that is very desirable and there are a number of tools that are outdated allow you to do this hi I'm Melissa mere in this video I want to introduce you to the new Pepe tool 6-inch guillotine shears now I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different types of shears in my my tenure as a metalsmith and working in various studios and I have to say this one really kind of excites me.

If you know anything about different tiers you'll know that some of them end up leaving a Kurt.

This started out is a solid piece I used it in a bin shear and that's where we end up with the curve where the b-team share the way that the blade is designed and the way that it comes down allows you to have a flat piece and be able to keep that straight edge without it curling on you and that is where the power of these guillotine shears come in now the private or butane share that uses a2 tool steel that has been he treated to a Rockwell 48 to 52 hardness what that does is make certain that you have a good longevity or a lifetime of nice hard cutting edges that aren't going to bend or Mar easily the blades are designed.

That you can do proximately up to ten thousand cuts before you really even have to worry about sharpening it I'm.


Excited when I got this first thing I did is I mounted this now you'll notice that it is not mounted directly to my table top but rather i mounted it to a thick piece of wood that has then been clamped onto my table this allows me as a teacher to be able to move this around and take it to my various workshops that I peak but it is imperative that it is somehow mounted to a 930 surface.

That you can cut without it falling over some of my favorite features of this guillotines here is the 10 x 7 inch feeder table this allows you to work with longer lengths of metal and not have to worry about it getting torched out of place as you're getting things ready to do your cut.

It gives it a nice resting place make certain that everything feeds in really well in addition to that you also have a stop that can be adjusted on the back side and that will allow for you to make consistent repeated cuts without having to just read measure everything and remarked everything one of the things that I really like about the peppy tools guillotine shear is the fact that the handle is perpendicular this allows you to have full control over the machine as you are going through the cutting process the theater table also features some miter box laser engraved markings neither marks 40 degrees 15 degrees 30 degrees and 45 degrees the item comes completely assembled with the exception of the handle which is very easy to slip in and just tighten up a screw with the provided allen wrench I was able to test the shear out with a whole range of items.

Starting with 30 gauge copper going all the way up to 14 gauge copper I really wanted to push this and see what I was able to get as you can see with all of my different results this year worked beautifully things were cut perfectly straight and I did not have any burrs on any of my edges and I also didn't have any curling that was happening due to the cutting force now things were really nice for me until I reached about 16 gauge because. This is a shorter blade you require more torque now I was able to give it that amount of torque but it took a lot of work and effort after I did my testing was 16 and 14 days I did notice that I needed to adjust the plate and kind of shin it a little bit.

That I would have that nice pipe tolerance for my inner gates again.

Once i went up to 14 and 16 gauge and i tried to do a 30 gauge again at that point i did notice that my blade was misaligned a little bit and it also would create a little bit of a bend or burr during the cutting process on those thinner materials.

On this particular sphere if you're going to use this i would suggest the 18 gauge is probably about the thickest that you would go you are definitely able to cut thicker but you will spend more time adjusting the blade to get it back to a type tolerance for some of those thinner materials in my studio that's really not an issue the highest i usually do any of my jewelry pieces is typically 18 anyway, this year is available at many of the refueling where you usually purchase any of your petty cool item.

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