8070 Mytee Lite ll Carpet Extractor "FUNNY"

Well as y'all can tell right now the weather ain't looking.

Hot right now.

I'm at the house cleaning my own little filthy ass truck with my new mighty little uh 8070 I'm going to try it out you see I'm a little blower vacuum is just vacuum.

Y'all stands I just pray are just pre sprayed see how well this little dude works out I've used it once this would be the second time using it right now and one of the things I haven't done yet was agitated.

8070 Mytee Lite ll Carpet Extractor

Let's go ahead and agitate it this stain is pretty much worked out with the pretreat that's a good thing now you know why the pretreat stains I sprayed the whole carpet though just in case you but I concentrate more on stains might not show y'all everything you know to say your daddy pretreat does pretty good by itself I'm not using no Detailers uh stuff because the more you learn about detailing supply you got to watch what you buy but see fuckin get some of this here I'm only going to do the back first then I'll slide on to the front let me go ahead and get this cracking alright well just for the demonstration of the videos it to pass on should have enough preheated or pre key free warm hot water.

Let's go ahead and uh see how it goes let's start on this side oh I'm tripping out let first mistake guess what I forgot to do turn on the damn vacuum see back here on this little do from you I'm knew that - shit y'all knew it it's shit oh there we go yeah hard enough now sets a retarder ego trying to show y'all some shit not on those shit it do says go back up but it's trying to was kind of hard to work this damn thing and then try to use my world or not at the same damn time but honest and what the hell is this about since day definitely picking the shit up well let me get back at y'all.

I could try to work this you know.

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