87 Chevy Truck Speaker Mounting Plate "How To" & Remote Start - Truck Update, 4 Jan 2013 - C10 R10

Hey-hey gearheads welcome back to a gearhead for life today I've got three quick updates for you on the 1987 Chevy truck first will be an update on the alarm installed second will be an update on the window tint and third will be an update on the audio installation alright let's go check it out first as most of you probably guessed the first thing I did when I got this replacement truck was installed an alarm alright.

I had the alarm set out to where it was secure well the long side of there worked but I didn't take the time to run the wires for the remote start until last weekend right it was only about three more wires but I finally got it taken care of and now get the truck warm for me in the morning before I come outside have the windows defrosted it's a nice definitely a nice feature to have alright let's go on to the interior and I'll show you the audio now I installed a a JVC media receiver deck it's about $85 shipped and get them on the on a eBay it has Bluetooth hands-free calling at the microphone mounted here on the steering wheel steering column.

As soon as I get into the car it syncs with my Bluetooth of my phone it'll stream my pen door or music off of my phone and it also answered calls it's a nice I like it 85 bucks you can't beat it now the big thing that I'm proud of recently that we just did last week is I made these plates for the doors at the end of this video I'm going to show my step-by-step pictures that I took him posted on my facebook blog page and a gear head for life with no spaces number for but I'll put those up here on the end of the video what. This is is 3/4 inch MDF would a guy here a local Tech at audio shop here gave me the tip of this being a good place to mount speakers and I have to agree now that I've done it it's awesome I love this location.

That's 3/4 inch MDF cut it out to the shape cut the circles routed the edges off and encoded it with a spray can of bedliner you can get a local auto parts store that's a set of Kenwood components and it's been a while since I've had a set of speaker selling this clear it is good. All right, what I realized though is there's one deep spot on that door and that's exactly what that mid is right now when I did the driver's door first I had it sitting a little bit lower in the Twitter a little bit higher I wanted to have to adjust it to make it match the passenger side and you can see my number two my boo boo there but that's. Okay, the whole door needs to be covered again one day maybe I'll practice fiberglass and a final cover the whole door but for now this got speakers in my door they sound great for now run them off the deck they just run off the receiver I have an amp over here I'll show you shortly that I plan on running hundred watts to each pair teach pair of these speakers continuous that'll be a total 202 these up here in the front alright let me go show you the rest and here's where I mounted the crossover to keep it out of the way on the driver side up and above the hood latch cable I do need to do some but the wires still but it's back there on the passenger side I wasn't able to hide it as much for now I'm going to another two here I'm going to try to hide those wires maybe I flip the cross over upside down.

I can hide more of the wires I couldn't put it back there because the vent a little trick on how I mounted these I will show at the end of this video how I use the zip ties to mount them to the panel there alright now I'm gonna give you a little sample of the radio I know you can't hear the audio the best over YouTube but for some reason people like seeing it I figured give you an example of it working.

Here we go right now the deck is synced with my phone don't ask my phone case piece of crap OtterBox. Okay, I hit play on my phone or I could hit it on the deck but I'm just hit it from my phone Oh is. All right, that's it there's the amp I'm going to be running old-school Rockford Fosgate I've had it for about ten years in about three different vehicles I'm gonna put it behind the seat hopefully my power it's four channel power 808 for one channel to each of those pair of speakers and the doors and then I'll run two of these pioneer shallow subs check out how shallow they are. This is the same setup I was running to my last truck very shallow it's like three inches depth mounting depth something like that handles four watts continuous supposedly 1500 max but before hundred be perfect for what I need with this bot or with this speaker in a box here I'll show the box that I used in my last truck at the end of this video also I made a custom box as narrow as it could be to wear this this barely cleared to sit inside of there and I was able to leave my bench all the way back without having to move it forward alright that's what the box looks like these speakers are about 95 dollars shipped off of ebay also alright window tint I went I went back and talked to the guys over at the tint shop they took care of me and we wound up making it darker I don't know if you're able to tell today because the sun's out a lot brighter than it was in the last video but the 10 is about twice as dark as it was in my last video still itching for it for life sticker though you you you you you you you you you you you you you you. All right, that's that's my update for this week if you like what I'm doing here you want to see more on the projects make sure you subscribe below hit the like button leave a comment below tell me what you're thinking I like to read them I like to give feedback as you'll notice I always respond and y'all have a great weekend and keep all enriching.

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