A Wager Of Pistachios! (Prop Hunt! #94)

[Music] no no it was good it's good okay I I can't I got a decision oh god I got ten seconds I'm running out jam yeah no there's no timer for me so I thought my screen was frozen all right max are you ready what oh it's all ready I'm ready to go one of them's inside these doors oh shit no no nothing happened yeah okay what's what's going on here the doors open I'm gonna close it now because oh wait that door stays open is it always open oh hello one down one down I don't think I don't think Adams got you I don't think Adams got the skills this round I think he's gonna be you know what I could because I just bought some pistachios and you're gonna be visiting this area we'll be out like conventions be like pay up and then we die just reach into my pocket before before we commit to pistachios of be salted or unsalted yes lightly salted lightly salted yeah roasted and then lightly salted that's okay I like the did you guys like the black pepper ones too because I really like those too they're so good try yeah yeah go check it out when you were offering me a bag of pistachios is that correct yes I'm gonna go out on a limb and say yes and if I win you you what you owe me a bag all right are you that confident in your your ability so he's probably a fucking sheep he's in plain sight is he really really I I wouldn't like come on Marc Marc we got out we got a fucking mom gotta bring out your a-game right now I promise he's he's in plain sight I mean not Marc Brennan bring out your a-game right now I'm bouncing around in these boxes I'm sure all right tell you what you sweep the outside and I'll see you inside these boxes let me know how it goes eyes on the target Adam eyes on the target hashtag totally bro not yet we got two minutes if I can only afford I haven't given up yet I still got two minutes to find your ass all right what are you laughing about mark is he nearby Brennan do it since apparently it's cool to ghost free use the free cam and see if you see anything just got duped I did mm-hm their goal be now listen Goldie Goldie oh oh you know what I think I know what he is you live like a king I think hey max I think those tires needs a fixing a tire nope I don't know what he is right now I just does gold man so what my plan is so here's my general plan I'm gonna go to Alcatraz with my new bag of pistachios and then teach me about history and I'm just going to sit there justjust one by one I don't like you stop talking you say mean things you might be inside now I don't know man I don't know it's a bit iffy I'm free camping and I still if you're swear to God if you're inside this body Adam no but that's a very good idea I should know I think you need to go interview for this job right now you know not sucking job the not second job I just tried to open a door while spree camming I'm an idiot I heard you um you better not fucking use a little use on the roof and then he was inside he was all over the place he was a wrench I owe you a bag of pistachios horseys a wrench I had a feeling he was I had a feeling his a wrench yes why said well no I know I know what just happened oh my god Jesus Christ what have you done this is good for us or bad for you or good for you I guess the first two were the same thing they were this is fuck all right door isn't open that's interesting four minutes to own a max no did you think you had one of us were second cuz you did your side like no why are you doing this I have my people it's the size why oh I would never do that like a huge explosion over I may have ran into some trouble I noticed I I know he liked you fuck some shit up mmm-hmm sound a little bit like Sims right now mmm-hmm yeah but I didn't in would have it exactly you know what I mean they smell did you bring me with me I think that means have sex I wouldn't say who is whoohoo is totally upcycle isn't it yeah they do whoohoo and then they do the little spin right the little twirl mm-hmm that's how they get it on all right I don't like I don't like any of this right now don't worry mark I'm confident I'm gonna be my mark I'm watching every angle I have this place case do you oh you're up here already okay okay all right well while you guys are looking I'm gonna go get some water Oh interesting might I ask what the fuck you're doing with that hula girl very interesting indeed what are you doing girl why'd you bring her up on a ride ride on a ride ride whoa a slipping slide ride like you know aren't you spoken for you can't do that with a hula girl Oh whoo all right let's go yeah I don't have time for these silly games this is shenanigans how are you feeling right now Brennan how confident are you I'm like I'm like I'm like 70% right now yeah 70 that's pretty high I think I think that's pretty mediocre see what what Adam does is he's not actually as confident as he says he is he's just he's just he's he's overcompensating he's just like you guys will never find me cuz it's a mind game right so what you're saying is that we I'm being honest with you I'm being open and true I know saucy about the pistachios you goddamn you better believe i'm saucy about whatever that means I can't do this anymore jumped off at all max yeah oh my god yeah no that's good that's good extra stupid a moment together you know we had our wait a moment for sure max and I have these moments sometimes we have moments well see Adam you you're a traitor you were on my team we're gonna had moments but no we had magical moments there is that one time this magic moment I lie to you man we didn't have any moments oh god you lucked out so hard I don't I don't know how I'll be lucked out so hard you don't know if you didn't know shit I decide your name sorry man I think I bumped my mouse when you came into the room on accident when I went to put my hand back on that I know I'm that's scary I'm a big tough man I'm big tough man oh I'm very into what mother intimidating my beard says I'm walk-in that's alright we're gonna win this round anyway oh yeah yeah I think we might win I don't know mark this is kind of a lose-lose you know Adam I I gotta say one of you guys have a bomb yet do you guys have a bomb left no I think you're bummed you know I max I'm gonna assume one of it I think yeah I think Adam still has his Adam start pulling your weight try and lose you guys better get used to losing because that's what you're gonna be doing keep shooting that that was no huh almost got me there you know he's just trying to get his life back together yeah one bite at a time damn tactics
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