A2Z CNC Quick Change Tool Post for 7x14 Lathe

Well said I was going to I finally got a quick change tool post for this little lathe so this is a tool post that's made by a company called A to Z CNC it is made out of aluminum and it's similar for the most part to an Elora style tool post it has this lever that operates these two Pistons on either one of these rails that the individual tool holders slide onto and lock in place which not only is handy for changing out tools quickly but the biggest reason I find this to be helpful on a lathe such as this is that you can adjust the tool height just with these knurled thumb screws and a little locking nut very handy and makes the entire operation on the lathe a lot quicker and a lot more accurate so I'm really liking it so far I have taken a number of test cuts it replaces the entire tool post on the lathe that comes on it there's a 10 millimeter bolt you basically unscrew whatever's on the 7 by 14 lathe and then you screw this bolds in around through there this this colored shaft keeps the bolt from locking on that lever while still tightening it to the lathe so to adjust the angle of the tool on the carriage you use a I believe it's an 8 millimeter hex wrench for that a little bit different than the handle that comes on the lathe but no big deal along with the tool holder body itself as well as a mounting supplies you get this is a boring bar older boring bar is cut off to a holder and then to tool holders and he's just hold standard that's a 5/16 tool high-speed that I just turned myself of course it would hold smaller and it looks like it probably hold up to at least three-eighths will set ones a 3/8 that might be a 3/8 tool one thing that I noticed and I'm honestly not sure if this is supposed to happen or if I was supposed to correct this but these screws that hold the working the tool bit in place be threaded holes inside the body here we're not threaded all the way through it would allow the screw to come out just barely meaning I could not tighten them down to anything much smaller than that whole half inch 3/8 whatever that dimension is right there I don't have off the top of my head so that made kind of an issue and I had to actually back these out these these screws are American threaded they're 1032 screws which is nice it's kind of funny when everything else in the lathe is metric and the standard thread is the though is the weird one hubs but I did have to chase those with one of my taps too so that the screws would screw all the way in I just I found that weird doesn't really bother me I mean I just I don't know why they do that if it was a mistake if I wasn't supposed to tap through that or they just expect you to finish the tapping yeah I don't know but um so yeah so far so good I'm sure here we get it on the lathe here on the carriage of the lathe this is a 10 millimeter bolt and you want to keep this if you are switching away from the for post 4-point tool post on that comes with one of these style layers I like to keep it this hole usually has a spring and a detent in it that actually works as a stop for the 4-way tool post well we don't need that I went ahead and removed them the detent was relatively easy just pull out and then the spring I picked out with a small pick but installation could not be easier this at that point this bolt right here as said before controls the angle of our tool post you may also notice that there are two mounting points on this block four different tool posts the first and the more commonly used one is going to be for your general turning and facing tool this high-speed tool such as this one and honestly it couldn't be more simple slide it on put it in place flip this lever this right here is where you're going to lock the piston on this dovetail for cutting on this side and if we wanted to change the way that that's who will approach the workpiece you just undo that and redo it and adjust it as need be we also have this front dovetail so if we wanted to say do a boring or internal threading procedure now we can move the lock handle further put our boring tool in place and it actually locks down here and now that's in place and if we want to adjust its angle of attack how we present it to the workpiece we just act as such so the act of setting the tool height utilizing this tool holder isn't fundamentally different from setting tool height on the other tool holder it's just a slightly different method of doing so as you see I install a dead center here in detail stock of the lathe and basically just bring them together to where they need once I have them close enough retighten the tool holder down a lock adjust lock it up once we have it adjusted we can they're not in place now that we have the tool height adjusted and it's on center and it's locked down everything's good to go we can go ahead and take a test cut on some aluminum using the world's most adorable little boring bar just be about seven thousands right here that was a 10,000 shall we go for 15 on this 6061 aluminum so back here on the messy bench you can see that you know it cut the aluminum just fine and that was a very small cobalt boring bar I got from a purveyor anyhow you can see that cut a pretty pretty nice little internal internal bore there that's really not the highlight of the video but as you can see the lathe works and cuts so that's nice as you can see the tool post seems to work just dandy took basically nothing to install other than the aforementioned modifications I had to do to get tools in place and it has made set-up time on the machine amazingly quicker I can't even begin to describe how much faster it is just to set the height of the tool and get a tool in place and switch out different tools for different operations so this has been a huge boon to product if 'ti so thanks again for checking this little video out just highlighting the quick change to a post for the mini lathes made by A to Z CNC machining if you liked this video and others like it go ahead and click that subscribe button I I like to have home workshop projects out as often as I can get to them until next time thanks for watching
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