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Hi I'm Julie Morris and I'm here today with navitas naturals today we're talking about the potent purple superfood acai berry acai has actually been used for thousands of years in amazonian cultures it grows native in the Amazonian forest where it's actually this huge palm tree which grows up to 72 feet high and it produces these wonderful little berries which look a lot like blueberries except they're purple now traditionally thousands of years ago Amazonian cultures would use these berries for medical purposes for energy enhancing properties and just as a great tasting variant source of fuel more recently in Brazilian surf cultures servers have caught on to this great energy food and has started to use it for their long days out of the beach science actually supports these health claims acai berry is a very very potent superfood nutritionally speaking that's in part due to its complex and simple carbohydrates which are easy to digest it's full of free radical scavenging antioxidants it has tons of polyphenols flavonoids vitamin C and it's full of essential fatty acids and healthy mono saturated fats navitas naturals offers acai in a convenient freeze dried powdered form. This is especially good from a nutritional standpoint because the berries are harvested went there at their peak ripeness and then directly freeze-dry to preserve all of their essential nutrients this powder contains notes of chocolate and hints of berry and when you incorporate it in a recipe it also lends a beautiful purple color.

I'll say super fun and delicious to use in the kitchen you can easily just put it into your morning breakfast bowl of oatmeal or cereal or granola it's also really easy just mixed into some soy yogurt like I have here another great way is you can make a great acai berry jam by just combining some soap chia seeds assignee powder and a little bit of sweetener and of course chocolate is the perfect match for all citing you can make beautiful chocolate acai berry truffles or just put a few spoonfuls into your next rounding batch ah Seyi has this wonderful natural creamy texture to it that really is enhanced when it's combined with some sort of liquid that makes hace the perfect match for a smoothie let me show you a really fast movie that you can make it home I've got about a handful of ice in the blender and I'm going to throw into that a fresh banana peel the sky the whole thing in there put about a cup of almond milk and then two heaping tablespoons of us ie powder then what the heck add a third one in if you'd like close this guy up and give it a whirl that's perfect pour this into a glass and that is ready to be served us a very such a wonderful ingredient to have in the kitchen it's versatile its nutrient packed and it tastes good for more information on hace and other superfoods visit navitas naturals calm power foods for the modern lifestyle thanks for watching you.

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