AccuQuilt GO Qube Mix and Match 6 Inch Block

Hi I'm Pam from a key club do you remember when you were a kid and you learned how to paint by numbers number one was red number two is blue and.

Forth do you remember how easy it was to make beautiful pictures and how much fun you had when you have that paint by number system well now accuquilt has come up with a brilliant.

By number system let me introduce you to the new go cube now before if you wanted to make our 72 mix and match set you had to buy each of the die separately not anymore now you can purchase a go cube and inside are all the guys you need to make a six-inch 8 inch nine inch and 12 inch block this particular cube makes a six inch blocks let's take a peek inside and see what it has.

Inside each cube there are eight cutting dies each die is numbered one through eight and along with each die there comes a pattern on the front.

AccuQuilt GO Qube Mix and Match 6 Inch Block

In addition to the 72 blocks you now have eight additional patterns that you can use using the go cube system each individual block has its own little handy-dandy storage pocket.

When you're done using them you can tuck them away neatly and finally inside your cube there's a DVD with training information that you want to know a cutting mat and then the pattern book to make those eight blocks that you've had here in your go cube finally in case we haven't given you enough patterns to choose from eleanor burns queen of all quilting has come up with this great sampler book called the go sampler inside are additional patterns that you can use to be used here with our go cube system.

Now you can make an infinite number of blocks using the go cube i'm pam from accuquilt and remember better cuts make better quilts you.

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