AccuSpark Electronic Ignition Test Rig


Once you've fitted your electronic ignition module into the distributor you might care to test it before you put it in the car.

I'm going to show you how you can just build a very simple rig to test it with a couple of spare bits and pieces you might have lying around the workshop right you'll need obviously the battery need a coil near the spark plug I've got a spark plug tester that's optional just helps you see the spark better 1ht lead and a few bits of wire. Okay, first thing you do is you call on you can need to connect the positive side of the coil to the positive side of the battery positive side you need to connect the negative side of the coil that's going to be your earth you just need to earth that on to your voice.

I'm just going to clip that on there you then need to connect the HT lead put that in your coil then connect that to your spark plug just put on the voice like that.

AccuSpark Electronic Ignition Test Rig

You can see an awkward spot practiced on there which means going to see the spark better but you can't just use the spark plug. Okay, that's basically your ignition circuit you then need to connect your distributor to the coil.

We need a couple of was I'm just going to use crocodile clips. Okay, that's the positive that's would be your negative side black positive side red and then all you need to do then is just to earth the distributor we'll just put that on somewhere I'll just connect that there like that and now hopefully when I turn that you should turn I'll point the spark plug.

Can you see that now if the distributor isn't doing that of course it could be that there's a problem or that you have wired it up correctly.

The way to just to test that it's just take the negative side of the distillation just disconnect the distributor completely take the negative side just to clean orders take the negative side of the coil I just touch that since pipe flow won't be very strong spark but if you can see there every time I touch that on there it sparks.

Basically all we've got is a wire going to the coil positive to the positive side of the battery negative side of the battery to our earth on the sparkplug type that to earth small plug.

A small spark I'm just going to put that back quickly again just to show you how that works. Okay.

Just connect negative side of the coil black wire distributor red wire positive size and then we just need to earth the distributor just put on there somewhere this has a turning on just a hand speed here the direction creates a spark.

We know that's now working and now you can going to proceed and put that in the car.

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