Acne/Sensitive Skin Care Routine- Meet Jisoo | #onlygoodskindaysahead

Okay take 11.

I was born in South Korea but I lived most of my life in Singapore and I didn't really use skincare products until I would say middle school when he already hit me and I started getting oily skin acne prone skin and I really didn't know what to do.

I would just go to a nearby drugstore and buy acne related products.

I would try using harsher ingredients for acne skincare just to treat it because I didn't know what else to use and it did help my skin for a bit and then back in college I started breaking out again like crazy and I didn't know what to do because I never dealt with adult acne I was scared to use acne products again because I didn't know what it would do for my skin.

Acne/Sensitive Skin Care Routine- Meet Jisoo | #onlygoodskindaysahead

Surprisingly enough I didn't start using Kay beauty products until I joined SoCo glam I would go back to Korea every year and I was exposed to a lot of Kay beauty products but I think at the time I didn't really realize K beauty was K beauty to me it was just regular skincare products and I didn't really know what to pick because there are.

Many selections in Korea that it's kind of a tyranny of choice and you don't know which ones to pick for your skin I have acne prone sensitive and oily skin which is not the best combination but I think the biggest concern of mine is definitely acne because I do wear makeup everyday and I think it's really important to have a smooth surface when you put on makeup.

I'm going to start out my routine by double cleansing and I'm going to use the vanilla co clean at zero purity and I really like this one coz it's good for sensitive skin just going to take the spatula and take the small amount I'm going to put it in the back of my hand and start running it over my makeup look it's wiping off at everything.

I'm going to rub for a bit because that's just going to help really break down with the oil also there's a common misconception I think a lot of people think that you only use an oil-based cleanser when you makeup on but you should still use it in the morning. Okay, great.

Now I'm going to go in with the second step of my double cleanse and that is using a cleanser water based cleanser and I'm using the coaster X low pH cleanser and I really like this for my sensitive skin because it doesn't dry out my face and I'm super picky about that because I don't like my face feeling super dry and flaky and I'm going to wash with a pat dry with a towel now I want to be a quick disclaimer before I keep going with my routine this routine definitely didn't help cure all of my acne I still deal with acne but I like this because it definitely helped me reduce my acne bumps and I had a lot of whiteheads around my cheek area and that's mostly gone now.

I like this in general because I don't have to use any harsh ingredients to treat my acne now I'm going to move on to my toner step and I actually like to triple cleanse.

What I do is I use the neogenic Langella cleansing water and you can see little actual calendula down here and I like to use this because it's good for oily skin it helps to remove any excess oil on your skin but take it on a cotton swab and I just like to sweep it across my face next step I'm going to actually go in with a sheet mask today and one of my favorite sheet masks is the magic green tea sheet mask and. This is actually a hydrogel mask and I like that better for my oily skin because it's not over moisturizing.

I'll show you guys right here if you can see it's got real green tea leaves and that's really going to sear the skin because green tea has antioxidants and the green tea I'm just going to place the bottom part make sure to smooth it out.

There's no air bubbles inside we're not too tiny for this. Okay, now I'm going to wait about time it and maybe watch some Netflix while I wait and come back and it's been 20 minutes and I'm going to take it off now and normally when I do sheet masks I skip essence but I'm just going to show you guys today normally the essence that I use is the coaster X advance 96 snail mucin and I'm just kind of do two pumps and I'm going to show you that the texture is really sticky but it surprisingly absorbs well.

I really like it massage that into my skin and I really like this because snail mucin although it sounds weird it's super great for healing acne scars and I'm just going to let that drive it before I go to the next step I'm just going to. Okay, now serum I like to use the teenager burst juice Hydra serum and I really like this brand because it's great for sensitive skin types because it's fragrance free and paraben free now I'm going to move on to my moisturizer and right now since it's a summer time I like to use the vent and a low soothing gel and as you know aloe is super great for irritated skin and the formula is very lightweight as well now I'm going to go in with my eye cream and my favorite one is the herb Orion ginseng infusion and if you can conceive I'm almost out of this I love it.

Much just take a little bit and I got it along orbital bone and I like to use eye cream because I get panda eyes a lot when I use wake up.

I rub that area a lot and it gets really dry Sam. Okay, in the night time I really like using this product for acne and irritation. This is the Costa Rex until a blemish cream and honestly after I started using this I see such reduce redness around my cheek area and I also feel like my acne scars are fading.

It's kind of it's kind of a thick consistency.

I only use it at nighttime but I just put it all around the area where I have redness and this just really helps to just calm and heal my skin and as my last step in the night time I like to go in with my pimple patches and. This is the Kosar X acne pimple patch so. This is a hydrocolloid patch and what that does is basically heal your acne and also just remove all of the dirt and whiteheads and gunk in your pimple.

A tip I like to do with apply my pimple patch is you don't want to have any anchor products underneath when you use it.

That it can really work its magic.

What I do is I keep a q-tip and I take my cleansing water and I'm just going to put a bit of it on the q-tip and today I'm going to use it on my people here and I'm just going to wipe out that area to make sure there's no skincare products underneath I'll let that dry a little and then I'm going to take a pimple patch the size of my pimple and like you can barely even tell which is great to use in the daytime as well because honestly it's invisible on your skin and I just stick that on and I'm good to go my skincare routine to me I think is my happy place every time I come home at night after a long day I really look forward to my skincare regimen before I used to be more into makeup rather than skincare because I don't really see the value in skincare I think one of the most important things about key Beauty that I enjoy is sharing my experience with my friends because I think a lot of friends my age don't really know how to treat their skin.

I think it's important for me to share my own experience.

That people feel like they have more confidence in their own skin having acne prone skin I know that it's not something that's going to disappear overnight but I think now I have this mindset that I want to continuously improve my skin and I feel like now with my routine I've found a set of products that are really going to work well for my skin and it's something that I look forward to every day you you.

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