Okay I'm setting it up it's actually pretty easy there's a lot of like bending back and forth I'm super anxious about this I'm just going to tell myself that I can do it I can do this I have a hard enough time getting the videos up anyway to do one every day I don't know I don't know why I'm putting this pressure on myself and not only do I have an advent calendar I have three of them I'm just gonna do it really quickly and I'm not gonna make any mistakes i'm not i'm gonna not gonna edit it or maybe i will edit it because i always end up dating it what i have now is I have a police detective playmobil admin calendar I have a Barbie pretty fab glam calendar I have a Playmobil 123 calendar this is the one that I want to do this is the one that I'm so excited about you wouldn't know that I am crazy about playmobil toys because I never do any reviews for the bucket of big box of them and i plan on iconic and what I am really excited so I'm gonna save that one for last and let's just let's let's just do this first ok this one alright we have number one right here it's Christmastime the holidays oh yes America this one's a guy it's a police detective so well my lighting can you see a camouflage on too does that count is that that's a total coincidence look at that he's good sunglasses on no do they come apart like Legos I thought you had to build these I don't know that is awesome ease camo camo man okay next next we're gonna do Barbie and we have we're looking for 1 1111 the first numbers one is it really is it's exciting that it's Christmas time oh how do you know which is one that's for this is one ones are pretty I guess they start you out with a pretty good-sized a pretty good toy so you don't get 2 and 0 I don't know what it is can you read what it is it's nail polish it's not was underwhelming I guess it's safe should I you should try I'm not gonna I'm not I'm not now another time maybe maybe I'll do a special wrap up and we'll try out all of the products at the end maybe on Christmas Eve maybe we'll get dressed up all right on the very last one and this isn't one sided like first playmobil one two three even though it's not my first plane would go one two three yeah I don't know what she has to do with Christmas because he's not really an elf he's probably more like at a sheep herder but look how cute he is see if you want to see the difference between a regular playmobil character and it claimable 123 character hunky and chunky definitely cute and this is your regular lanky by a real guy this guy cute look at his arm sir like fight they don't move or anything and he does sit down and his head moves and stuff this guy has articulation to whatever anyway thank you so much for watching lost hope to see you tomorrow Merry Christmas Oh like comment share subscribe all that wonderful stuff I love you wait i forgot to show you that the Playmobil steps came with these things so this one came like really bent up in the so I hope it's nothing that I want to keep I think there's a display set up so you can set up a display for the holiday um this this is actually just a piece of card oh they put this piece of cardboard in so these tiny little pieces of paper wouldn't wrinkle I guess alright I guess there's some oh no it's a spoiled guy look and here's the Barbie spoil guide and what's this other thing ok so that was nothing that wasn't even important these are some sets that you can get oh no I don't think I should look at this I really my only want the the 123 set but these sets are really cute if you have ever did look at the Christmas house and I even I even like those religious steps because they're cool in olden times all right let's see what's in this one okay so that's good I thought it was like missing something this however is a a scene that you're supposed to set up and there's like all of these instructions on how to do it oh god oh god that's a video in itself and then oh and there's some instructions on how to make the different toys too I'm not going to show you the other than the ruin it for you um do you think I should make this you think it's intuitive it's pretty cool googled it that it's actually made pretty interesting that police car is interesting it also comes with a little I guess advertise hundred more toys you can get this one's way bigger i'm not going to show you all these things just go to playmobil calm all there's a dinosaur set bail had to show you that there's a cowboy set cool oh no and there's a home pirates at these are all my favorite things whoa and a castle set he's really are all my favorite things how do they know and there's a boat docking set what and an airport set and then there's oh I can't I can't I can't I can't do every page there's a lot of pages here is there a space at two there's a castle set like a princess castle set and the house wow that's a nice house yeah go check out playmobil calm and you will be able to see all the toys that are available and then you just fit Tamzin so you can ably make out better what I'm doing you just accordion the different shapes and sizes it's actually made pretty sturdy it's good well I haven't ripped anything yet knock on wood okay I did it it's pretty awesome it's super cool and three-dimensional I think something that I found here there's like this whole on the roof here so I think that might be a little and for some reason that there's this this shelf here with under the light here like that must have some significance so I think that those are going to be special place but seem like there's all these places to hide it's like a little theater set it's actually pretty cool whoops I don't think I'm done over here something happens I have to do something but this just when I think I'm done now I'm really done okay yeah I don't know what that's all about platform here these platforms around here I don't know what those are all maybe that's some place where you steal stuff I don't know because I think it's a crime museum and then I think it six people the thief and something I don't know what's going on but anyway it's super cool don't you think you know what I'm definitely going to have to edit this one but this one is um can be longer because I would be the reasoning because I had to build this that's why okay thank you so much for watching like comment and subscribe and share and we'll see you next time happy holidays
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