So exciting new prisons get toys guys stay 3 i'm not gonna be as quiet I want you to hear me but I have to be pretty wide in the last two days we got a very bad man lip gloss and sinker nail polish then we got the cutest Judah's little guys we got the doggy and we got a little elf boy behind me we have the ghosts of Christmas past we're definitely gonna have to get to them sometime during the holidays but right now on day three of the advent calendars let's do this so exciting you see three I don't know what it is is it a set of SAP get a crowbar I think it's the robber sack but yeah okay it's the robber sack and then you've got his crowbar these are as tools for breaking into the museum or aiding and abetting I feel so guilty it's so violent for Christmas three it's right here I didn't even need your help oh it's a big one we got my board so what it's called that's as bad style pretty and it's got this like vintage e Barbie on it just like the other stuff it matches it's all pink and sparkly all right good one do they get a new friend to play with ok we're looking for day three snap together like this it's a no penny it were stay behind events we don't want you to pee in the yard anymore you have to poop in your area right there ok good doggie alright guys so Bob does you tomorrow for day for the advent calendar openings it was so great to have you join us like comment subscribe share tell all your friends will see you tomorrow Christmastime the prison's get toys well where's the lip gloss where's my lip gloss what am I the Glasgow
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