Testing testing it's Christmastime your presence annoys this is so fun I'm so glad that I can do it in one day it feels like being a kid again that's something to look for doing it so much fun I'm I'm glad I'm doing it this way i can stay for and we've got plenty bill police detective we've got beautiful advent cosmetic calendar barbie and my personal favorite it's a climb on appeal one two three love this one and so far what we've gotten is very bad lover man and his robbing accessories i forgot beautiful beautifying products are approved we got these adorable adorable hey guys all right let's just open this up can you find for can you tell me where it is oh where oh okay it's a chest however it's one of these kind of hinges that are just a plastic I like a mechanical enjoy don't like just bendable plastic so I'll try not to open and close that too much because it will eventually break off so but anyway it's a really cool little gold box I wonder if there's gonna be treasure for it let's see if the guy can hold it in kind of pops Evans hand yeah it's Christmas time okay um Barbie we're looking for day 40 can't see it the numbers are so light can you see it where where where oh I see these are also today oh yeah I know somebody's gonna like this oh wow it doesn't have a break in it so do I get to wear it bye it's not fitting away man hands it's the first thing that isn't pink does it still look good with this stuff some party really o.o sparkly all right yes yes there's one and two was up here Suri was here it's another small egg for being so small Wow what's a sack of grain I don't eat grains but we can feed them to the reindeer beautiful design I love that print in the colors we get the valuables today the good stuff we got food and bling and bubbly make sure you come back four day five tomorrow tomorrow not next week tomorrow yeah thank you so much for watching like comment subscribe and share tell some people tell your mom we will see you tomorrow it's Christmas down christmas time the presence and toy
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