I don't even have the other ones with me where are they where are the other set toy you ready four day five we got a good one okay I want you to be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video to see what i got in this box today I'm not sure what is the order a lot of toys I never know for sure what's going to show up it didn't have a return address on so I'm not absolutely positive I think kind of no but I know why you guys are here let's add them calendar time I'm just jump into this day five for the Playmobil police detective said so far we got the police detective and we've got some accessories for him to break into a museum and we got this artifact that he's already stolen number five number five goes with look at this guy's that's what you feel the chest with I don't know if it's going to show up so well because it's gold on gold I kind of want to put it in the sack instead I love coins it's a real treasure oh my o.o there's too many to fit and overflow with there's two different sizes at least maybe there's maybe more and it's too much isn't to the thing I could probably squeeze it all in there if I Drive that looks pretty authentic don't you think I know someone who's going to be very excited about this oh these are small I don't want to lose them head numbers on they say five and two and whatever that number says I guess they might use these as regular money for other playmobil sets oh yeah there's a five on that one what's on the back of these what is this can't oh it's a coat of arms the shield is that what it is is that what you see okay they're really really cool oh god they're going everywhere though I don't want to lose them they look pretty good in a little black sack too and so we move up put that back here you know we have next I never remember what it's called the beautiful Advent cosmetic calendar just kind of a tongue twister to say all right we're looking for box number 5 do you see it I'm still looking we're here you can't see that either I can't see that there's a long and narrow one oh oh I always have a hard time getting these out I need like a tool oh I'm gonna use the scroll bar told we will help see ya there we go I think this means that we'll probably be getting some makeup this is going to look really good with that this is the other stuff that we got I think that looks really good without my favorite of all playmobil 1237 do you see oh is it really the fifth whoa you see the 123 inside there cool tree yes it came comes with a stand so there's some assembly required with the stand and there's a hole here and point a tree look get a little hole for something to go inside let's see what we got this is the other stuff we got so little guy doesn't it dalkey his he looks pretty good in there how about about the bag of meat it doesn't really fit in there oh I was feeling we're gonna get something that'll fit in there better but until then looks like the doggy we're gonna go in there right off all right I want to thank you so much for watching remember to like subscribe comment share and loose you tomorrow keep watching the video because i'm going to open up that big box we're gonna see what I got new prisons and why is ok here we go guys you as excited as I am sometimes you have to treat yourself I'm not I'm not sure I'm not sure what's going on oh yeah I'm like the mic set on dragon castle see really cool comes with all this stuff that's awesome because I have all the fakers and now I had something display the man not that I had any room oh and this is much longer than I thought it was going to be so we got this what we call it the Alpha eagle it looks pretty cool it is a spaceship and then where we got the ion claw and that is the alien space you see the alien really cool too as we've never seen this in stores and here here's a little hint of what's not other box smart toy so I got some additional smart cards for there is it's the monkey I talk listen and learn now his face is a little crunched in but I'm not going to make any judgments until I open him up but he's still super cute we're gonna instill he's super cute and tomorrow we'll do something new it says let me know what you want to see reviewed first I'll totally do it make sure you tune in tomorrow for more advent calendar goodness we'll see you tomorrow
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