It's day seven yeah toys toys toys toys toys toys toys hello welcome to day seven of advent calendar openings are you having a good Christmas so far I am I really really am can you hear me better today it's very early seven I found it right away I must be getting good at this let me fix my hair oh yeah I think I know what this is i'm guessing because we got the police officer yesterday guessing that just hit even some accessories you tell me what to do imma be on what he have to be so violent it's Christmas I should have got this year set I dip yum dad and his family I can well since what new police officers were parades it must be some kind of a Scandinavian police officer Africa I mean it's a nice looking gun but the gum is a Christmas calendar here put that away a little sister I conversion it's cute polka I'll get at that all right that's a light not the holidays with Barbie with the vapid beauty number seven is it really acceptable what if I opened the wrong day one day Oh would you pretty big one I've always decided always I'm going to need the crowbar for this one you can't believe I use a water tooth comb than this usually but we'll give it a try thank God trick Roper I don't know what I would have done football the thing with encounters by the end they look like like a turkey at the end of thanksgiving dinner should i use it like a head please call I never do this with my hair here crawlers little girls called me creepy now you can my hair feel so soft now thanks Barbie you made me feel beautiful again looks good looks good what's up still my favorite such a chlorine I'm so excited I favorite 10 21 epic 20 is any personal carrots it's like mango why does it have the segments I don't understand it's Christmas value it's probably my least favorite thing but the graphics are always fantastic it's still pretty cool a creative carrots what that means raining do your upcoming that's what reindeer like to eat carrots its knowledge amazing funny bill 123 said it's the best one everything's fantastic i love this my hand looks good like us now let me know you like my hair up or down like comment share subscribe to all that stuff really put it on your Facebook page that's what gets the attention i don't know else to tell ya Merry Christmas I'll see you tomorrow and I'm going to try to get some other regular reviews in as well we've got to get these ghosts going we've got good dinosaur stuff we got some blind bags look at some mermaids it's a lot of stuff stay tuned I love you really I do I love toys see you tomorrow new prisons get toys and we have to edit this kind of time to do anything just be one tick it's supposed to be one take just one day it's my only shirt
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