December 8 2015 hey toys no good morning welcome to date aight of opening advent calendars let's start with playmobil please detective i accidentally pushed this one here oh hey becomes the crowbar to pull it out a little feel like I'm cheating I'll make it flush to it there we go instance of that that's Christian all the way again and kind of see something that I wasn't looking to try not to look so just carrying it and it went through it I can't help how strong I am I can't see today I know today is day 8 do you like my man bun I thought the hat and the outfit would be a little too much I'll save it for like Christmas Eve maybe i don't know i might have to wear this again like obviously find christmas outfit day 8 let's see you see it got it but very big see that the same time as I do work it's cool pair of handcuffs and another gun I actually I should have said it because I had a feeling it was going to be more accessories the police guy gets a sniper rifle lovely and get some egg cups which will come in handy later for when he gets the bad guy so yeah he's pretty armored up merry Christmas everyone guns I just punctured a little of my girl barbie what do you have for us 480 big try try to let you guys see Craig's I think I just imagine me trying the products and both it makes me laugh I didn't have a pedicure or anything you know what this means though we're getting toenail polish tomorrow all right my feet are clean though doo doo doo and here i thought this episode wasn't going to be entertaining is not look my toes aren't usually this divorce look the other foot is normal it's pretty too I do like that logo a lot I have to say we got to the Barbie doll accounts / this is the police detective collection so far there we go my favorite one you know let me feel one two three my hair girls hello why don't I give like a bobby pin or something date I see it it's big it's right here oh yeah I think it's going to be an animal because there's lots of animals Oh remember yesterday I said the carrots were for the reindeer always so nice oh there he is seriously though designs on these are amazing we'll get that I think this is a beautiful toy I love this toy reindeer love carrots didn't you see the let it go movie that's it for today that's that well at least we have something to look forward to tomorrow I hope I'll see you then like comment subscribe put this up on your Facebook page boy I don't like how the sound is turning out on these videos dinky doo doo doo doo can get a ticket but I do have to be quiet cuz it's very early it doesn't have feet opposite down that's dangerous I don't have anything to say today really oh let's just get this done we're gonna I its date yay something wrong today okay nobody wins do you see that no one wins nobody wins at war hug peaceful peaceful hahahaha another peace on earth
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