Catch another shirt screen kind of works enjoy hey it's day nine day nine day nine we've made it to day 9 and I think what that means is we're just we're just gonna put up some calendars okay no small talk let's just get down to business day nine it's right here my best around oh I didn't get it's a grappling hook does that mean I need to place that not an attached to the playset because there's no instructions oh well actually they show him hanging on to it right here so that does help a little bit because when it came with is the grappling hook it myself which is really nice I came with this little handle thing and I came with this world at least this is the first thing that I get to assemble now I wonder how I should tie this on I want to make it as neat as possible so what I think i will do is I'll just tie a little knot and so now look this it was such a tight fit to get it through my first place kind of really only need one not I could double it up just in case I'm not gonna pull on this tight that's how i did that end there and this I think just goes through here and you can pull it through to adjust it's going to be quite ordeal to get through here kind of have to weave it through so you put it through the bottom and then put it down through the top I'm having some difficulty the end isn't as melted as it should be like getting the thread through the needle superior Oh got it through but I wasn't even looking ok so it's interesting because when you put his hand on it it's slidable ok so what I'm going to do is I'm going to put another not on this side so it doesn't fall off and then that way can slide up and down the rope and not fall off I guess that's how they do it because I'm go robber can hold on to it his hand is what keeps it tight and that's how he's getting in the museum he can keep that in the bag with the rest of his tools everybody had another tool I guess it was just as crow friends come I had the treasure at one point to let me know I'm forgetting something cuz it comes in his hand now with all this tools that's pretty cool it took a little bit longer because we get to assemble something the bar be done canine isn't very big a prediction was that it was close there's nothing there no maybe it fell down beside what I'm going to do I'm going to pull from the calendar because it opens up on the side and just hold it up sit in and see if anything falls that's round yeah and it does got to be it and I'm not looking I'm not looking what the other stuff is and then I put it back in let's try that again wait was I doing so funny because everything else is so hard to get out no I always have to use the crowbar so now let's look for number nine hmm numbers are so hard to find oh there it is oh yes then we can't get it out come on I think it's a bracelet or do you think it's a hair scrunchie it's kind of stiff being elastic for the hair no I don't know what this is what it's for I can't see it you're gonna tell me how it looks ripping my hair apart ah I think it might be its kind of stiff when you pull it if I kind of retained I think it might be a bracelet not sure right now what am I done yeah i'm not sure what it is if you know what it is please leave a comment in the comment section of course okay yeah so is it a bracelet to the hair scrunchie it looks really good with that collection beauty supplies thanks / me know did we get this oh nice to where it is a bow tie reach it down 95 even though we got an animal yesterday I think it's going to be another animal let's see it's another one of those great things this time it's grass let's test this out so maybe the pattern is going to be animal crate animal crate because I think there's a lot of them like there's also these bags of stuff Wow there seems to be a lot of animals in a little angel I don't know is that cheating sure that I showed you that I think we're okay so the cool things about things this is what it is though it's red and green which is nice Christmas colors and it's grass and more food for the animals remember when I said it was like Legos maybe they are like like because you can stack them and you can stack them you don't even have to stack and just straight and now that I have more than one these are kind of cool and look at all the colors they look really good together yeah I love this is all the food you've got and so far it's really nice in you to join me look at all the stuff we've done so far calendars my favorite is definitely the plane will be one two three I love that you come back every day to look at these like comment share subscribe we'll see you tomorrow new prisons get toys besides I'm pretty sure like I'm not going to keep a cardboard place at I have enough plastic place that's to deal with oh that's animal can we put aside we think I was just eating figs my finger nails are long I'm embarrassed figs are very good for you and they're also very Christmasy it's true you like figgy pudding think I'm gonna edit about out okay
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