This is kind of driving me crazy I can't go on with it like that I have to fix it like arts and crafts time oh that's worse I guess the camera doesn't really pick it up all right I'm gonna get set up your presence in toys all right are we ready are we ready to start ok I have to be really really quiet tonight I think you guys like what I whisper to you Joe all right I'm ready to go oh yeah toys all right let's I think I'm not gonna say let's jump into it because I think I said that the last of guess what it's the tenth day is that really true I get a double check yeah wow that's one-third your december or so close it's going by so quickly i'm having so much fun I don't know maybe you know what I'm gonna do more blind bags now that I done this I don't see why I can't just replace the counters with blind bags anyway let's get on with this 10 it's a big one you know what I wanted to be I want it to be that skeleton guy that's cool it's cool it's kind of strange that there's a bicycle I don't know if a detective or a whopper would be riding a bicycle and it's something going to have to assemble and that's really cool so I have made some bicycles before my time I think I can handle this little one Oh struggling again it's fucking good I don't my business it's a kickstand why would the kickstand be transparent I don't know yeah I don't see it on the picture it seemed to snap into that little the place really easily I think it's just a display base ok oh then there I got pretty sweet do you think it's police bike and police officer just happen to have this parcel of weapons when you show that one's beliefs bike I don't think you could have a sniper rifle do you so does that mean it's the robbers escape it's a really nice lots of Allah maybe it's just on the street doesn't really fit the scenario if you ask me I'm Barbie day 10-day 10 day 10 is Alana there's 19 13 8 24 14 11 10 it's a fairly big one and six sunglasses but what it is that I hope it's not a sticker what it's a sticker I sticker than these sets what a gyp and not only was it a sticker but they had adhered it to the balls so that you had to take the stick route and use it right away I never like a sticker I'm really disappointed I'm being really critical a sticker some glasses I'm gonna walk I'm going to get over it and we got a little deal one two three that is the best one 10 10 10 10 I think it could be a cute little animal I'm guessing squirrel I don't know why yo guys it's a school night guys don't stop squad but it's like you little buddy of all man so cute you gotta love the cute little bunny they can join us friend the deer and the owl doggy a lot of these little animals he's cute really really cute all right it's just a 10 I'm really glad that you came and watch me open I'm sorry that I had some disappointments today the bicycle is actually really cool it just doesn't make sense in the scenario to me the sticker I feel like it was a day we didn't get anything but a bunny that's an awesome thing to get so I'm really happy thank you so much for watching like comment and subscribe I hope I will see you to work until then presence enjoy Oh what sound is a bunny Meg
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