I don't know what to do you you just wait right here yes yes we're back I think I settled on a favorite Christmas outfit I think this is the one so expect to see a lot of this and the upcoming videos we are almost halfway there this is very disheartening I'm having so much fun I hope I don't draw this video out too much because I want it to last I also very excited to see what we got let's get opening now oh we start with this one it's j11 it's the 11th tomorrow we're halfway there so upsetting 11 is the one that I accidentally pushed in oh oh I didn't hope force nothing but too late now oh it's the oh my house I'm not prepared I know thanks batteries yeah there's no alarm system that comes with this toy I don't know it's so funny because it doesn't have any instructions so that was like one of the main things on the box it seems to have an eye we can't turn it on unless you have batteries and the batteries have to screw in the design isn't really anything special I assume it goes into the cardboard place at one mic was constructing it i saw this so i think that is where it goes got to be the place it fits them I haven't been using this and I don't think I will I might be able to find some batteries for tomorrow and we'll hear what the alarm sounds like probably some people would find this the coolest find in the advent calendar I would have to say the designer and any I I don't know where they're not functioning parents if you buy this for your kids can be very upsetting if you don't have that race all right Barbie here we go day a lot when bottom corner right here opening Oh at least we just opened him how the sticker oh one of my fellow youtubers that evoke toys at a suggestion about the sticker and I don't know why I hadn't thought of that this from yesterday come on I see Barbie in my glasses number 11 is right next to number 10 and it is I can't get my glasses just so hard to get out really hard to get it how little girls are going to be able to do this for boys alright so this is what we got lip gloss I'm not going to try it I don't really use products or eat food that has chemicals in it just a two hunky tip for you look at these glasses look redic you at all matches look at all these pink beauty supplies I'm like another like the ring is my favorite though I say that every time I think that's also lip gloss you want to lip gloss here you could do with some more toenail polish so I can use my toenail separator again and don't make me bring up my comb clashes I can't get off the last one for today number 11 number 11 is going to be good bottom corner again I'm noticing that there's a very similarity to wear that number up a different calendars so clacking guys guys oh I thought over the person is but it's cute Oh see how this bond has little spots this one doesn't maybe that means that look oh maybe it's this one oh yeah also this one's gonna even little you so we got a baby deer or maybe it's a mommy dear i'm a speckle one of black baby cute i love these animals I don't see a dog like a whippet do you want to take a look at some of these again I think we could take a moment because it's a special day and I just feel like reviewing what we got so we got two deer they're good you two crates of food we have carrots and grass we've got this really wonderful tree and look at this owl that you can put inside really cute we got this bunny and this dog I like that beige color that they are we're really cute we got this fence and this bag of grain I love the design on the grain and we got this cute little elf boy who's really i think a shepherd and some of the other point we'll do one to three sets but all exception as an elf cuz he's cute and joey the wealthy guy he wants to thank you so much for watching like Carmen sure subscribe ah we asked me to my our cause ah ha ha listen gonna uh huh you want some good what's a property sohbat toys you just wait right here okay that's a good one
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