New prisons in toy okay day 12 bittersweet halfway there I'm having so much fun anyway not anyway let's I'm just oh I got the alarm fixed this is from yesterday it's a motion detector see it I'll hold it x to the microphone I'll try not to move turn it on I guess I moved it actually works pretty good well when you have it in your hand I guess it's very scary when it goes off ghost of Christmas past half of Christmas is over and I still don't have the ghosts of Christmas past yes I could do them right before I'll have some more time I could do 21st we secondary 3024 I could do that let's get on to what we're here for if you were going to start with the Playmobil police detective set and we're looking for day 12 21 12 it's only a small one you'd think they'd make halfway mark something special okay I can't i don't i think it's going to start off somewhere new because we have got the alarm last time so i can't they go it's not in the plastic bag oh I didn't even know that was like that oh it's an artifact sweet so it's kind of like a mini figure it's kind of like I'm maybe minifigure I like uh that's King Todd's got a cool necklace and he articulates his head moves just like a little figure oh yeah artifacts let's hope we get more artifacts II it's really cool awesome okay I'm down this is the second artifact so we've got this gold chest and I got this Egyptian statue or Egyptian bust we also got these coins which there are too many of them to fit the chest right I am very happy with day 12 I like that one one of my favorites from the set so far okay for every time oh sorry you have to admit the bourbon one has been quite fun I mean I have to admit the Barbie one has been great club I hope we'll be able to find something that's funny for next year day 12 square right up here yesterday we got lip gloss a lot of applause oh no no no the sticker again just when I was complimenting the calendar how fun it was to get the sticker out without peeling it off like to stick my hand right into the back of it so i can push on it and get the edge of it so i don't take the adhesive off anyway i'll wear it it looks kind of good i mean if they gave me a ribbon because they just keep me a ribbon instant the safety pain with ribbon i would have been ecstatic i could have worn it this sticker piece of paper glue on it you know what I know it's got to pick me up I know what it's going to make me happy I know what can cheer me up we're gonna be one to three shift okay so go ahead for 12 I see if it's up here yesterday we got get a deer so it might not be an animal I hope that I don't like the animals best but it could be like a bag of something at the back of presence they finished I finish this ass thank you for being one two three so oh it's so cute he is dorms oh man baby and mum and daddy oh all right thank you so much for watching like comment share subscribe we'll see you tomorrow the presence annoys you too cute cute cute too cute way too cute awesome adorbs it's a family they're so cute
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