Prisons get toy lucky 13 lucky day december 13th can we handle this so many great Christmas presents so many toys that we need to have for the holidays but right now we're going to concentrate on the advent calendars like every day we are going to start with the police detective playmobil set where's 13 a big one okay it's a big one I'm hoping for a mummy skeleton didn't get the skeleton but we did get the money yes it's brown bandages it's awesome we got to put a guy in here we'll need the skills and might fit in but I've gotta try I'll take off his hat and stuff it's looking promising no it's not happening it was very close he does have like this extra stuff on his leg so now the cough becomes an extra vest so I don't think it's going to work for him either yeah no I think a standard guy without any pants or weird best on with it thought claimable figures came apart nonetheless this is an amazing Egyptian artifact to match with the other ones yeah look at the house it's like a tomb of treasure I'm recomment this probably this is my favorite so far almost good for Halloween I want Halloween advent calendars I know I've seen some Wow Wonder and the countdown calendars Wow Wonderland is very baby oriented they haven't had been calendar last year which was like a Christmas neighborhood I just saw these count down to birthday and count down to first day of preschool and countdown to holiday can't add a special event so that's kind of cool I think this is really fun thing to do and I want to do more countdowns I'll probably just use my own blind bags to do it and I'll be definitely fun i undressed all of my playmobil guys so I wanted to give them together anyway we should probably move off so awesome i love it love it unlucky 13 hey that was good for 13 to Halloweeny chances are we will not goes to her today so that's awesome and Syria at the top it's very big I got careful with this one kind of opened doors around it now look together it's not my lip gloss it's more the glass basically this is just a bit of lip gloss I just ripped off the door and kick it out I feel really bad for the little girls that have to get their makeup out I'm a pretty strong guy no I just found that smells I don't how to get it out all right let's count the lip glosses so maybe it's a different color or something super my fingerprint went in there yeah it's less light different color so far we got one two three and my personal favorite for lip glosses so basically this is a lip gloss set I do like the sick color kind of all come together now different shades of pink when I got it on my finger I wiped it off and I know if you can see that it's too bright it's pretty dark I'm not disappointed because I really like the shape of the container in the color a lot of lip gloss though I guess that's the only make it two little girls really use I'm gonna need some more toenail polish obviously I don't feel one two three my favorite a 13 it's not a big one there's a little Peggy maybe it would be that little Peggy to get an animal we got three animals and well maybe or at least two animals are oh so I'm hoping it might just be like a bag of presents or or something like that or present oh yeah this is nice I think it opens no it doesn't it just looks like it open I guess is this most of your present I like it it's a little walk that it's cute it looks best of yeah I like it a lot 13 was a good day you should be able to get that it's a good haul definitely a good haul thank you so much for watching remember to Like comment share and subscribe i'll see you tomorrow enjoys careful tomorrow now I can't get this to close
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