This could argue this good arguable arguably arguably arguably arguably let's get arguably I could argue prisons get toys day 14 guys day 14 guys that's like two weeks in two weeks in december going by so fast i could argue of this may just be the best two weeks of my life I've had so much fun I love toys I love you thanks for watching no no I'm good I'm good I swear okay okay what let's move on let's move on 10 advent calendar playmobil police detectives number 14 I I thought they would have saved this I don't know I didn't know okay this is my favorite playmobil thing ever he's a little bit more stockier he is a key we open the mummy that's what we got yesterday come on the case one closing dirt what that's about but all teensie side behind dust cleavable figure ever so cute with your old days so cute add rotation arm rotation like to the flick wobble eat it yeah I'll join only pit bar-b-que 14 I was gonna say it can't be at sticker you're so lucky skeleton came out look it looks funny because there's so much sparkle on that island it couldn't given me a real ball see how the diamonds sparkling and it makes a quick little man that better be the last stair pure eating thank God for this guy a sticker so ungrateful do you think they call it is a big one for 21 what if that's a big sticker all right my favorite your favor play with Bill 1 2 3 8 14 you saw that all along didn't you um gonna say it animal meet this guy right here cold bath I know what's going on oh good predict really I didn't cheat I knew okay that it's too pretty I'll show you the other little and here's just some of the other little animals we got two birds now the doll we got a bunny want to thank you so much for watching I hope that you like comment and subscribe I'm looking the show and share I'm not gonna show that sticker because it didn't happen I'm just not gonna accept it it's white it's a white Christmas and chair I said that already we'll see you tomorrow I love you new prisons get toys
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