Stand up your presence toy hey I'm not gonna mess around today I'm gonna see how quickly i can do this one uh yeah let's go it's 1550 that means there's 10 days until how we know Christmas 10 days until Christmas 10 okay it's all over once Christmas gets here all the fun is over it's not true i have a huge bag of blind I have a huge bag of blind bags yeah okay 15 15 right here it's going to be a little i evolved actually we had so many little animals that I don't know wait this is the wrong calendar we don't even get animals in this calendar let's hope the artifacts I like the artifacts it's Egyptian mummy tools take artifacts are my favorite I'm gonna give him to the skeleton to hold there's three of them and he only has two hands unlike kava calamari but you can see he's got some kind of side and some kind of dagger and it also we also got this axe today very very very very cool well them love them love them love them old weapons you can't go wrong not just the chest and this other artifact that's bust good good stuff let's move on to Barbie calendar is falling apart 15 15 s right here it's huge we got a sticker yesterday better not get a sticker today we better not get one big sticker then what we open the more the whole box rips when they open doors well reason together it's I highlight and you can say very shimmery and sparkly now let me take the brush that we got and I'll know I really like the little cameo container came in some cool makeup stuff in there and there's stickers don't get me started okay we're moving on to play by Bill 123 the best 10 we're looking to 415 teen 15 14 it's up here okay I don't think it's going to be a little animal but I want it to be a little animal hell there's this little piggy I don't think it's the same one I'm gonna see before no he's a little black Peggy he's a big black big he is so cute oh man oh man oh man oh man look at this Dale can you see it now they're against it cute cute cute cute cute oh do you want to meet your friends here's a dear and there's a little doggy hey and I'm their stuff this owl hey how you doing and then there's this funny hey bunny are you and then we have a big deer or hey David guy mhm and then we have a dove hey and then we have a middle sized ear hey and then last but not least we have on the wild boy like your belly rub your belly and then and doesn't want the animals that's really good I love this so good so good thank you so much for watching like comment share subscribe i'll see you tomorrow new prisons in toys more baby animals more baby animal more baby animals are baby animals
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