So what I didn't want to Santa hat today okay new prisons enjoys less than 10 days away okay 16 16 I want an artifact of course I love beer I think we're all gonna like this one oh it's better than I thought I think I saw this somewhere it's on the box the snake is so awesome good things too he's really cool but we also got the scorpion cool haha yeah he's pretty awesome cool very cool Barbie beautiful Edna cosmic calendar was up next and we're doing number 16 this tiny tiny tiny little one right here I still don't want this I'm gonna need the crowbar for the phone with the birds you should have done more that was why wouldn't they give him breaths and sniff stickers see if he'll working like here kind of the not really I have to put into my hair wow that's that's a good look i don't think i can put much hair in hold on pretty no i can't really see it I still want to look tough right so I gotta figure out a way to put this yeah and still up tough would you say that's tough I'm gonna keep it off maybe I can do it I feel confident next is playmobil 123 advent calendar and we are looking for number 16 because it fits the e16 90 days left Christmas if I'm doing my math correctly and like always baby animal on a baby animal breathing animal baby it's another big animal guys they're doing them insects don't we got yesterday get one pic and then you get the next peg like Heather complementary colors they like the stripes on this Peggy matches this piggy so cute cute cute this one is a special point you I'll get that awesome thank you so much for watching like comment share subscribe we'll see you tomorrow get toys yeah I didn't want to or the Santa hat today all right I just popped off the skeletons head I feel feel or thur chiq today or I don't even know what the right word is Christmas is sneaking up on us so quickly or sneaking up on me so quickly there's a lot of stuff that I want to get done I think I have too many toys and it's starting to overwhelm me i'm kind of realizing that it's a problem and i'm trying to deal with it right now but I'm dealing with it right I don't know how well I'm dealing with it to be honest with you I want to deal with it so that must be the first step should I show you know I'm gonna do it quick I'm not pose the same toys have been there at least October and my plans were to least have those taken care of and those have been there and it's an ending my own obsessions are stressing me out but I mean this should be fun and this is fun I just have to open the more and not by any more I can do this I can do this this is like a new year's resolution thing I can do we're not here to talk about that we're here to open up advent calendars
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