17 18 19 20 21 32 or seven days only seven more toys which is a lot so that actually sounds more optimistic when I say presence annoys December 17th you believe this wow it's been fun but it's going fast I I'm just gonna open these the 17 is one that i have opened its life fingers by picking up a calendar but i didn't look inside I don't cheat I usually don't put two things in lose it's like a little Egyptian column and the topic oh there we go what's different on both sides cool about it awesome yeah i love this i love the Egyptian artifacts let's see the rest of them gold chest got this mummy this skeleton with weapons we have this other weapon a snake the scorpion cool stuff the Egyptian artifacts save the set for me the skeleton barbie x 17 17 17 18 19 20 22 7 days only seven more toys which is a lot so that actually sounds more optimistic when I say I'm not looking I'm just putting more carefully what what is that dirt my crowbar play little crowbar come in handy again it's a good one guys lipstick oh it smells good so like sweet candy um really cute pink colors all logos are only thing and it's going to look fantastic in the club stickers but I like it it looks a cute little pink little set oh can we do it one two three do you think you get another cue the one that is so great we've gotten so many cute little annals I don't think there's no me another Pig we got two pigs in a row 17 oh it's just a small I can I can feel a little heat in there I can see a little food in there oh they did take it and getting it to get addicted yes he's beg to fit in a little pocket awesome guys so beautiful woodland animals this is so awesome Oh drink a little doggie will get along with him we got a fox now get out you give you your cute what does fucks I think they like the baby thing indeedly didn't think think thinkety-think to think you didn't be picked I want to take this time to thank you so much for watching and stopping by and liking and commenting and supporting my advent calendar videos I really appreciate it you mean so much to me I truly love you merry Christmas to you happy holidays we will see you tomorrow the presence annoys for the world would get no way if only people would just let you play they say you both be fools breaking although you can't understand magical people wonder when you are fasting rounds oh oh sherrie all but you discover do you think think think think think think think think think think thinkety-think to think you didn't
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