Okay get toys is dat we're looking at the Playmobil Advent please detective calendar we're going to find it de team where oh right here as always I'm hoping for an Egyptian artifact it's an Egyptian earn comes with two pieces we have the Sphinx robbery top which is really cool and we have this harder plastic urn on the side it's got some hieroglyphics i rue griffix long time since i said that work it just fits nicely on there that is one awesome Gyptian artifact if we keep getting cool Egyptian artifacts i'm gonna be extremely happy can you tell me what that set it's awesome it's really really really nice I love it Barbie a Barbie beautiful Advent cosmetic calendar and it's the 18th let me double check that yeah r18 then we are close 18 18 18 18 not a sticker not a sticker not a sticker what we do need is more toenail polish it's a pretty big door better not be a big sticker oh did I not call that one this one's more purple double glass tomica we had a pink one before and we get this purple one purple the pink lid nail polish can't wait to use this and this together that one's most of it stronger would you paint my toenails want me that would make a good YouTube video if you want to paint my toenails leave a comment in the messages below maybe i'll announce a winner and I'll volume in and you can paint my toenails alright my favorite plan will be one two three cute baby woodland animal calendar 1820 is so big I want to bait me into them off I always hope for a baby I've been getting all Egyptian artifacts that I've been getting all baby animals so I think it could be a baby we got another bunny he's a chocolate bunny cute he's in a crouching position he's in child's pose I have another bunny let's compare oh they're the same pose there's just typically get chocolate money and we got a white chocolate bunny what is your favorite better buddy chocolate or white chocolate bunnies soup stew shower would you eat honey cute it was a really good day these are actually three very very good like this is a very quality quality quality this is one of the larger bigger bonus bangs and this bunny is what's cuter on the body I really appreciate you stopping by every day to look at these advent calendar Oh clinks I hope that you will like comment share subscribe let me know if you don't like what you're seeing tell me how I can improve it and you meet a lot to me and it means so much they can come and look at these and I hope that you'll do it again tomorrow I'll see you then the presence annoys
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