Toys guys day 19 stay 19 we're almost there playmobil police detective a small one you know what we want an Egyptian artifact dad don't like mom and dad okay it's not an Egyptian artifact but some pretty good stuff it's more blinding stuff such a violent set for the holidays I can't we're gonna use him to demonstrate what we got first off you got a megaphone I know you're in there robber come out come out oh it's nice then forget this bandana now the bandana is not the police officer is for the robber and it looks like this it's just this little black eye thing and I guess it goes over the robbers mouth at the bottom you snap it on that looks pretty good so it's funny it's an accessory pack for both the cough and the robber and then we got two more things they look like they're for the cop we get a flashlight which is perfectly harmless it's a nice flashlight he'll hold it up like this because that's how they hold them up hey you robber robber I think comes with a billy club like really now so he can smash on the robber when he catches them Merry Christmas Merry Christmas playmobil forgive the robber the megaphone hey I get your megaphone they're cool accessories they'll have to say see what Barbie has to offer on the nineteenth of December it's a long one so I'm thinking a brush we only got one brush so far so fast let's turn off down here it sprayed on both of your eyes look at her eyes oh oh it's more lip gloss of course I guess that's one that's on the problem I don't know we'll find out soon enough I can never give it out of the package of how little girls oh let's see what they call it call it lit shine okay so it's not lip gloss sorry its lips I it smells the best so far it's clearly clear not gonna put it on the packaging is pink it's cute my wedding is really weird today yeah and blue is not something we've really seen everything has had pink labels and some of the stickers have had blue on them but besides that the stickers and it still looks nice in there with all of the beauty products we do need more brushes now now that we have a good supply of toenail and fingernail polish well I guess we'd have that much makeup makeup so will we have no one I highlight enough of a Barbie oh we have to do my favorite calendar along plan build one two three is one of my favorite toys to collect would you wouldn't know that because I've never opened any but I have a giant box full of them coming soon this is a fantastic start I have a huge collection of baby animals and that is what we're hoping for we've had a long line of it we probably had ten baby animals around so well maybe not 10 but close to it 19 sandwiches I all ready for the date 19 it's a big one I'm thinking it's one of these two guys like it's a person because it is such a big long box but would they give you sent of that early it's kind of exciting oh it's a baby animal it's a big not be available let's take a look at this guy yeah he's the one that they had pulling the sled on the cover of the box yes so nice he's like I guess he's a reindeer but he's like an elk or he's a great year he's special he is the same old yeah I don't know i don't mind I'm going to show you we're gonna take this time we're going to look at what we have 20 so we have two deer in two different colors yesterday we got the matching bunny so we have that in two colors these are not the same color yes with twin bunnies I don't really like what they did to this guy is a high I like the simplicity of just the dot um I mean I still like that's it for twins did you see Star Wars I don't check out my review of that that should be the video right before this one I talked a little about Star Wars and I me see how I feel I don't have a problem start which don't get me wrong I appreciate you coming back every day and checking these out I hope you're having a wonderful holiday I'm having so much fun with my calendars best Christmas of my life I love you see you tomorrow like comment share subscribe until next time it's just new prisons get toys
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