Oh it's the biggest door to get toys we're in the 20s now so I'm just declaring it Christmas it's Christmas now 20 it's the twentieth twenty I'm kind of sad when this is gonna be all over I think I'm going to use the techniques that I've learned with calendar opening and apply them to other openings so I can at least do one opening a day which I have not been successful at doing so could be good it's day 20 guy the plane is a threat the good thing I'm wearing a shirt I totally wasn't going to did it it's an honor yeah yeah all right Berbatov 20 it's a really big one this is gonna be the best day ever why what it's kind of the trick it's lip gloss and it's just in this flimsy container it's not like a makeup tray or anything so it's just like a sample of Alaska weird three different colors the perfume design is pretty cool but that's a lot of lip gloss okay all right and they're getting a little bolder but their coloring now used to be just all pink stuff add to that all right it's the biggest door today I think I know what this is obviously because it's the biggest tour ok so the Barbie wasn't so good this wasn't really a toy as is like something else something special yeah some will earn but this this is going to be a major toy so big it needs two doors I didn't think they were gonna give it a halt oh wow man copy that doors sometimes please put these things up and some days you just get this all we should have known because guess what we got yesterday it's beautiful it's really really beautiful it's so nice god it's like antique but sleek and modern the same time oh that's how that hurts goes on love those colors together if I clip them on so what we got yesterday so great Santa's not around right now so the elves can take over but he can bring some greens maybe a little date it's so nice so nice I love it love it it's okay sorry Little Joe all right thank you so much for watching like comment share what they match the two things I got today who like comment share subscribe i'll see you again tomorrow Merry Christmas enjoy
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