Skip my dears nice and big you know a person anyway before day 21 toys are you ready for day 21 I am we're gonna just start with one that we always start with a Playmobil please detective set I should have fun what I got from yesterday first very important business oh there's no microphone yeah okay noise I don't know it's gonna make too much noise up there take it off boy movies detective playmobil one no point bill playmobil please detective let's go advent calendar 21 to 21st 21st 22nd 23rd 24 for more toys x 3 12 more toys that's if we don't get a sticker we want an Egyptian artifact if we haven't got one for a while so I don't know Caesar Egyptian but they're definitely awesome treasures they're teeny-tiny we got this oil lamp so maybe there's a magical genie in there very cool and we got this jug it's cool let's see if they can be held in hands I'll get the skeleton to model and floss so very very very nice I am NOT disappointed with those I love a golden accessory that are awesome all right Barbie I'm hoping that I can get through the next four days with no more stickers I think we're safe for the point mobile so it looks like barbie is all we really have to worry about 21 there's 22 there's 28 years 21 it's a big one it could be a big sticker I wasn't happy with what we got yesterday I don't want something in a piece of plastic well it's a different that can you explain all right big door oh okay ice I can't tell ya oh that's good though it's bad okay here's what I mean it's just like a little it's just like a piece of plastic it's not like with this lip gloss there's this nice little container this is just first of all what is it it's lip gloss again it's all we're getting is lip gloss now and it's just like it's like a piece of plastic it's like and it's not like a piece of pasta that you would keep it's like the garbage off of the insides of package of a toy and that's the same thing we were yesterday I guess they think that these are good when we started out with getting these nice things like nail polish in a nice bottle and we got lip gloss in a nice range even the toe separator is awesome but these pieces of plastic with drops of makeup in the middle of them I'm being ungrateful I'm sorry but also they're also just lip gloss what do they give us lip glosses and different things I mean okay big book they are really cute I like the drawings whoever designed them and drew them they're really nice I just would have been happier if it was we're just moving on now ok so I'm sorry Barney I know you're doing the best you can thanks thanks a lot 21 this one never disappoints and dad are obviously what we got so far look look at all thats left here's here's an example here's from police detective site this stuff we've got this is from the set this is what we got this is from playmobil 123 yesterday I got this beautiful slut like every single thing is awesome 21 21 21 hard to top a double door from yesterday albeit I'm going on up here I've been waiting for this one this is a good one yes yes it's squirrel I love the squirrel one of my favorite channels on here is hosted by a squirrel it's squirrel stampede it is one of the funniest best shows that is on the world wide web love as little scro he is going to look great and mysterious yes the tree also was a wonderful gift from the puddin via 123 advent calendar cute so cute I really appreciate you coming by to take a look at what's in my calendars I hope you will subscribe share like comment and thank you so much for watching and I hope I see you tomorrow bye for now your presence annoys people more oil yes boss thank you jerk
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